Pool cleaning robot

Wyze, if you are listening, please consider building a smart pool cleaning robot.

I received my vac robot a few days ago, and I am truly impressed with the capabilities so far. I think many of those could be translated into a true smart pool cleaning robot.

My wish list for a good pool robot:

  1. Motorized wheels or tracks. Those just with impeller propulsion sucks.
  2. Motorized brush. Just vacuum doesn’t do a good job of cleaning the pool floor and sides.
  3. Potentially cordless. Then when the battery is exhausted you can get it out of the pool and plug to charge.
  4. Cloth removable filter. Those screen mesh filters don’t do a good job with fine debris.
  5. Wall climbing. It needs to be able to brush/vacuum the pool walls.
  6. Probably the game changer would be either pool mapping, or pool size configuration. Say you place the cleaner in one specific corner and plug all pool measurements in the app, the robot goes to work and cleans in an organized way (same as how your vacuum works).

Welcome to the Wyze community @pedroYUL!
Cool idea👍
Don’t forget to vote for your own #wishlist item!

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Thank you for letting me know you can vote for your own idea.

For people who doesn’t know, there are pool cleaning robots that are terrible and still cost $500+. Robots with all bells and whistles are north of $1,000.

Me thinks, #wyze is sitting on a gold mine here…and they should include me in alpha and beta testing of this pool cleaning robot :wink:

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You all should make a swimming pool robot vacuum. I bought a $900 one off Amazon that was essentially a Plastic Tank. I know Wyze would do it right and could own the market on these at the Wyze Pricepoint!

Ditto on this one. Much needed for pool owners and the current options out there are too expensive. You can also make it fun, give a dry spot for a camera and make an option to use it with remote control. pedroYUL’s wish list is a good start. I like the potentially cordless option but it would need to have a float on it so you can pull it out without having to dive into the bottom to get it.

Count me in for the Alpha/Beta testing as well :slight_smile:

I just voted for this. I moved to a house that has a pool and looked for a decent pool robot vacuum (and a skimmer bot too). The market on these has them ridiculously overpriced. Even the really terrible “dumb” ones that just bounce around, get stuck, etc and are very ineffective are extremely expensive. I ended paying nearly $800 for a corded one that basically just bounces around, but at least it mostly works. My F-I-L bought one a few hundred dollars cheaper but it gets stuck a lot and misses a lot of stuff, and the battery dies too quickly and it’s hard to get out of the pool.

This industry is ripe for disruption. It’s crazy how terrible most of these are and still the MSRP on a lot of them is in the $1K range, especially if you want one that works.


Pool vaccuum would be great. Mapping feature a plus