Poll: Service that allows record any time motion is detected

We are thinking of having a service that allows Wyze Cam to record any time motion is detected – no more 12-second limits and no wait time between recordings.

Which name do you think best describes this feature

    • Full Motion Recording
    • Continuous Motion Recording
    • Full Motion Capture
    • Continuous Motion Capture
    • Other (please comment in this thread)

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Cloud Capture. Then you can have sub products. “Motion” or “Continuous” or etc…

Wyze Cloud Capture - Motion


How about just amazing! :grin:



Wyze Cloud+


@WyzeMark, Would this be a premium feature or an additional option to the free service?

Hi Mark, @WyzeMark We’ve been waiting for this. I would think you’d want the word “Cloud” in the name, wouldn’t you? We can already get full motion capture on the SD card with Local Storage/Record Events.

So after thinking about it … I’d like to change my vote to

“Full Motion Event Cloud Capture”

I think that’s more descriptive for what you are about to offer. I’d avoid the word CONTINUOUS because it’s already being used in Local Storage/Continuous Recording. And it’s confusing, in that the word “continuous” means 24/7 already, and now it’s supposed to mean just the full motion also.


To me, Motion Capture =


Good suggestion! This is more complete, might be too long. It’s more important for us to communicate the value of the feature, it matters less if its local or cloud. Agreed that the SD card feature might confuse some so we will take this feedback

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“Full Event Cloud Capture”

“Full Event Cloud Storage”

Still probably too long for upgrade service option or App button. @WyzeMark

“All Events To Cloud”

Hmm, re-reading your post where you said “it matters less if it’s local or cloud.” Will the new upgrade service provide “both local and cloud” full event storage for pay? I misunderstood, since cameras already feature complete event SD recording via Local Storage/Record Events for free. Will that option disappear when new service is offered?

If that’s the case, then …

“Upgrade available for Total Motion Capture” Hmmm, way longer, And problem with that is new and prospective buyers are clueless that WYZE offers 12 sec snippets with 5 minute cool down cloud storage VERSUS the optional full motion full length storage no waiting between motion.

Now, I’ve confused myself.

But, to those of us who are familiar with the 12 second/5 minute limit … depending on pricing, of course … would probably all jump on a pay option for Full Motion Cloud Recording.

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Unlimited Cloud Recording


Can I unvote ? :wink:
I vote for this instead

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I agree with this one, states exactly what it is


Yep, that’s what I thought when I read it

“Unlimited Cloud Recording”

Great suggestion!

But will people think WYZE will offer 24/7 recording if they called it “unlimited.”

It’s really unlimited motion event recording which isn’t truly unlimited 24/7 recording … which many wired DVR camera systems offer.

And will the offer be limited to a rolling 14 day Cloud availability. That could be considered a limit


That is a good point

I agree that it’s clear, but that’s not really what it is. From my understanding of the description it doesn’t continually record to the cloud, like happens to the SD card. It will record to the cloud “any time motion is detected”.

So there is a motion component to when the recording will start – what’s unclear is does it stop as soon as motion isn’t detected, or are we able to set the amount of time that’s recorded?


I have not played with the test firmware yet, but my guess would be that it stops recording in a short fixed time after motion stops being detected. Caution will be needed, for example, if you point the camera at something with constant motion like a TV, you will be uploading LOTS of data to the cloud.


Hmmm. Hopefully we will all get our hands on the test firmware … just to see how much motion-activated data the average user … as well as power user … sends up to the cloud.

For example, from my back yard … not many motion events. From my front yard, a bunch. I also have cameras to the side yards as well as in the house and garage.

Now you got me wondering if the offer will have data caps … or a charge based on amount of data sent to the cloud. Will users have the ability to pick and choose which cameras do what, based on different schedules, and how long data is stored … all for different $$$

But hopefully, we will get early access to the service.


Are you in #beta? It might show up there first. But being that this is a paid service, I’m not sure how they plan to handle that.


Yes, but agree that since Full Motion recording is a pay-to-play upgrade (I assume), I don’t think it will be an open beta option.

But I sincerely hope WYZE has some sort of testing on the option before making it public. I mean, history shows that even an early access offering crashes servers for
a few days. I’d hate to think of the amount of data that will come WYZE’s way if this option is going to be as popular as I think it will be. @WyzeMark