[POLL] SD Card (Local Storage) Experience

Which phrasing best describes the performance/experience of the Wyze Cam SD Card function?

  • Not as reliable as the cloud
  • Equally as reliable as the cloud
  • More reliable than the cloud
  • Not usable in my cam (poor performance)

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How often do you remove the SD card from the camera?

  • Never
  • Seldom
  • Occasionally
  • Often

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For what purpose(s) do you remove it?

  • Record events with better results (less errors)
  • Record long events more quickly
  • Access data at the file level (like a hard drive)
  • Access card logs for use in beta testing
  • Troubleshoot cam (eg flash firmware)
  • Other

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Which size card do you use?

  • 16 GB
  • 32 GB
  • 64 GB
  • 128 GB
  • >128 GB

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Which speed card do you use?

  • Less than Class 10 (<10MB/s)
  • Class 10, U1, V10 (10MB/s) *
  • U3 or V30 (30MB/s)
  • V30+ (>30MB/s)
  • Don’t know :woman_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

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 * The Wyze Brand 32 GB MicroSD card sold on Wyze’s website is in this category

If you use the Wyze SD Card, what do you think?

  • Performs well, would purchase again
  • Not impressed, would not Purchase again
  • N/A - Have not purchased nor used a Wyze SD Card

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If you want a DIY deep dive, @Bam 's Topic just above has been linked-to widely and auto-compiled a list of backlinks you can explore to your heart’s content. Here’s a screen capture to show you the extent of the list and where on that Topic to find it:

If deep dive’s not your deal, here’s another good and fairly recent Topic:


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Android app (April 8, 2022)
v2 w/firmware (March 17, 2022)
SD Card Kingston Canvas Select 32GB Class 10, U1, V10

I am set to record 12-sec cloud clip Events (Cam Plus Lite.) I have SD card recording set to Events.

Controls becomes unresponsive when accessing SD card Playback via the button on/at the Livestream display screen and browsing and/or scrubbing around, especially scrubbing hours at a time on the timeline and/or changing days, it seems.

Accessing Playback via a cloud clip Event (ie, to its corresponding SD card Event) and browsing a step at a time forward or back via the left/right ‘arrows’ at the extremes of the timeline, controls stay responsive, including the 30 sec rewind/fast forward options.

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