[POLL] Force firmware update? Don't bug me! 🐜

Confidence, recklessness… or urgency?

Word has it that more info is forthcoming. Word had better be right. :confused:

…We will likely push [firmware] updates to outdated devices beginning February 1 through February 15, 2022…



Mostly cloudy with gradual clearing near the coast…

We’re Giving Wyze Person Detection to All Users at Whatever Price You Want - 1/11/22

I am one of those who were affected by solid red led symptom when updating the camera
they replaced my camera, and that replacement one also have the same symptom
i asked for another replacement since they are forcing it, hopefully this time I can run the latest firmware

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Ugh. I tread lightly around updates and it has served me well but I understand Wyze’ motive to get everyone and everything (as nearly as possible) on the same page.

Hope to hell they’re capable of accomplishing it. it looks like they’re damn the torpedoes! to try. :slight_smile:



Fake gwendolyn here lol.

So from a developer perspective, there’s something the developer feels everyone needs to have, and some won’t get the update. That’s a bad feeling as the developer knows they really should have it for security or breakage or whatever.

It gets convoluted and other issues are present if they did security updates separately or whatever.

When they have several things all connected to each other, it gets into a crazy place without forced updates.

Instead they should fix any issues that cause updates to go poorly so that people can’t complain about it as much.

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My take from a few months ago. :slight_smile:

While I’m waiting, I’ve been reading Larry Fink’s ‘It’s the Capitalism, Stupid.’


Not that comforting and nothing new in there.

I hope they are going to send out someone with a ladder to collect my cameras when they fail the update.
I just had a Pan (V1) fail update,


Impending. :calendar:


…We will likely push [firmware] updates to outdated devices beginning February 1 through February 15, 2022…



I would DEARLY love a good push capability, or a “wait until later”, for camera firmware updates. I don’t look at my cameras frequently, but when I do, at least half the time I have a firmware update notification. When I call up my camera, I want to look at it NOW. I see an old thread on the Forum regarding the same topic, but I see no response from Wyze. (I use Wyze Cam v2, Outdoor, and Doorbell.) Please consider our plea!

Hi @wourmfam , nice handle!

The operative word. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, all too often v2’ers like me (and others) have found ourselves facing the likes of this:

screenshot above 2/11/2022 from:

With the last 2 versions of firmware for the v2 camera on hold due to AI issue I wonder if I can update my camera to an older firmware now that will still met the requirement for firmware version or is this forced firmware required all to be on whatever the latest version may be?

I am still on and stopped upgrading at that point since my cameras work. With each update I fell like I am playing Russian Roulette with each of my cameras with each firmware update. At this point is there an reason for me to upgrade to anything newer and if so which one is the safest to update to?

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Frankly, I have no idea what’s going on at the moment.

So I ‘shelter in place.’

My enthusiasm curbed.

My peep juice depleted.

Misery loves company, however.

Thanks for stopping by. :slight_smile:

Wonder how this is going to happen. I’ve been assuming there is a secret phone home kill switch in ALL the old firmware that will accept a forced update. But maybe there just isn’t? Maybe my old, old firmware will stay untouched (as the RTSP variant reportedly will) and will either (a) stop working or (b) just keep working? I almost never run the actual app - the only recent exception was when one of my bulbs decided to forget its identity after a brief fixture cleaning removal.

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Okay okay. Maybe the terminally unfunny couple in the poorly written new ads are an improvement after all.



I have two theories. Certain generations have never experienced societal stability so they doubt its concrete existence. Disrupting something relatively stable is a service to humanity because entropy. Stock comedy has become parody of parody of parody ad nauseam. So gaseous from the get-go. Unsatisfying.

Pass the absinthe. :slight_smile:

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I went with firmware version which is latest firmware that is not currently paused. I installed the firmware from SD card onto 9 cameras without issue. All nine seem to work okay. Now why does the app prompt for firmware update when the newer two firmware versions are paused due to IA issue?

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Well done! (no irony whatsoever)

I will follow your progress with interest. :slight_smile:

Good citizen voluntary disclosure:

v2 firmies (September 8, 2021)
prodo softy (January 26, 2022)

People who aren’t even trying:

Peeposterous! We’re watching fellas like :male_detective:  you image now so mind your pints and quarts…