Political Sign Surveillance!

(Note: I’m posting this here as it mentions products still not released. Once done I’ll repost into Tips & Tricks.)

Fellow Wyze Fans -

I live in a very split (reads as purple) and politically active area. Many signs are stolen during elections, and I have long thought about how to combat these thieves!

Some people put items on the signs to hurt would-be thieves. This is not an option. Some put substances on the signs that get on and stick to the thief. Maybe, but I look for ways to use technology to help.

I’m designing a surveillance solution to capture the culprits using Wyze products!

Here’s my rough plan. Please read and suggest other options!


  • Wyze Outdoor Camera (or waterproof enclosure with v2)
  • Wyze Sense motion sensor
  • Wyze Plug
  • LED IR emitter floodlight
  • Waterproof electrical junction box (if using v2)

I’ll place the signs in a certain part of my yard that’s near/under a tree by a set of bushes. Close-by, but far enough away to not be noticed, I’ll conceal a Wyze camera and separate IR emitter (to have better/farther light coverage).

The Wyze Plug I’ll either (1) with the Wyze Sense motion sensor to turn on the separate IR emitter when motion is detected, or if that isn’t fast enough (2) set up a schedule to turn on the IR emitter at night.

I’ll continuously record video to the SD card, and record video when the camera or Sense motion sensors are triggered hopefully capturing some identifying images of the culprit(s)!

Potentially I’ll add in more than one camera for multiple angles. What else should I do?

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take some fishing line…and tie it discreetly to the bottom of the sign that will be taken so it wont be noticed…run that fishing line to another sign/note hidden somewhere else close by but not visible.

when they take the target sign they will run away and find the note attached at the end of the string…let them know they were caught on camera and will be forgiven if the sign in returned and an apology given…failure to concede and video evidence will be turn into the proper authorities and also posted online to go viral as an example of their party/ group.

this might motivate them to be a good person and not only repent but not be responsible for how others in whatever group are viewed which also might hurt their viewpoint to others.


That’s a pretty good idea

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Run a cable from the electrical box and covertly wire up the sign. The results should be shocking :grinning:

It’s a piece of paper and a stick, lol. Get spares.

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About as thin as the average candidate and similarly supported (think ‘exhaust orifice’ :wink: ).