So I just saw a story for a Wyze plug. Haven’t seen it mentioned here. Seems like it’s close to release.

Where is this story?

More Wyze Smart Home Hardware On The Way


If that is true - I agree. I’d buy some of one of those, and none of the other.

Is this true @WyzeGwendolyn, are you holding out on us

This is true. It is not intended to be public, but the auther got the information somehow…somewhere leaked.

The Early Access backers should always be one of the first to get new product information.


Well as soon as they are ready I need like 10


i appreciate the nod to us early backers and testers @WyzeDongsheng i for sure would outfit my apartment with these! any thoughts on an in-socket model? im assuming though no one has done this because it would be crammed and a hazard inside,

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that probably requires an eletrician to install it. the barrier is too high for normal consumers.


Can you give us an idea of when these might be available? I have smart plugs from 4 different companies, I can’t wait to swap them all out for these.

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Would love to replace all the plugs I have with Wyze so my whole house would be using all Wyze products instead of combinations.

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If these come in under $10, I’d replace all mine with Wyze. Although these days, I don’t have as much need with hue and Wyze lamps. The smart switches are better used for sound Machine, LED fixtures without separate lamps, and items such as desk fans.

I agree

I appreciate your honesty and shout out to the Early Access folks @WyzeDongsheng , I am very happy to beta test these smart plugs if needed and buy them when they are released :slight_smile:

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Actually, there are several in-wall options out there. AFAIK they are all Zigbee or Z-wave. I can’t think of any Wi-Fi versions.

oh really? i’ll look into those, my system is all zigbee based because i have my ecosystem built around Alexa! thanks for the tip @randy4!

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I’m also willing to help out with these. I have 10 around the house so I have a little experience so far and can provide input.

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I’m not sure if any are certified to work with Echo+

I believe the TP link dual outlet is wifi.

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Kasa Smart WiFi 2 Outlet In-Wall Plug by TP-Link – Smart Plug, No Hub Required, Works with Alexa and Google (KP200)