Plug / Bulb Shortcut Option To Cycle Device

I would love to have an option under the shortcuts for Bulbs / Plugs that give me the option to “cycle” the device. And by “cycle
The device I mean if it’s on, it turns off. If it’s off then it turns it on. As it is, the only option is off and/or on at the same time (which btw, I shouldn’t be allowed to cycle it both off and on at the same time in the same shortcut. Caused my bulb to flash, oops).

For example, I have the light on my end table on a Wyze plug (it’s a 3-way bulb, so I’m using a plug for now), but when I went to create a shortcut so that I could easily turn the plug on / off from the shortcut menu. But I found I have to create two shortcuts, one to turn it on and one to turn it off. That seems redundant and wasteful of the small amount of space for shortcuts the app gives.

Giving the bulbs and plugs the option to “cycle” would save space on the shortcuts menu and make it easier to operate the product.

I’m not sure if I’m understanding you correctly so please forgive me. but if all you want to do it alternate the current state, why don’t you just use the on/ off button for that device in the device list in the app itself instead of a shortcut?

While it’s an option, I’m just all too in on Wyze and finding the plug / bulb I need / want to turn on and off is too hard. Especially since we can only group by products and not by mixed groups / rooms. This specific plug I want to cycle using the shortcuts is my main light in my living room, so I use it a lot. But I want my cameras and sensors higher up in the list on the home screen so I can see / interact with those more often.

This is my current list:

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ahhh ok now. I see your dilemma. ( very robust coverage BTW)

with the limited space we have with only 6 there at a time I can see where that causes issues for you.

in fact I think you just gave me an idea for a #wishlist topic. being able to rearrange those tiles…in any number of smaller boxes might help quite a few people.

your request would be a good addition for this topic if you would add it. there are quite a few good ideas here.

Actually, the #wishlist topic you want is this one:

I have added “Toggle on/off state of Wyze bulb and plug” to the (growing) list of features requested there.