Please try to power cycle the camera (error code: -90)



I now own 4 Wyze cameras. The first 2 are V1 and I most recently purchased another 2 because of the positive experience and general satisfaction of my first purchase, that are V2.

3 of the 4 cameras all work pretty, pretty, pretty good (TV humor).

A single camera (it’s a V2) gives me the error message (and code) in the subject of my message quite often: Please try to power cycle the camera (error code: -90)

It is, in fact, the camera that sits farthest away from the wireless router. I’m hoping that this is the reason for the error message and not because the camera is of a lesser quality than the other 3. I plan on switching camera positions to test this theory soon.

But if my theory holds up that the message above is very closely related to the camera’s distance away from the wireless router then it’s a “Red Herring” message that places blame on the camera instead of the real issue.

Looking for comments from someone who can shed some extra light on this issue. Thanks.

EDIT: In spite of the distance away from the router, it does work sometimes, but not often enough to be reliable. If it does work, it’s a pleasant surprise, instead of an expectation, right now.


Connection issues due to distance from the router sounds like a plausible explanation. Will be interesting to see the results of your test.


Well, I finally got around to moving the camera closer to the router (much much closer). And, surprise surprise, it works.

Power cycling the camera has nothing to do with the error. It would be nice if the engineering or software teams could make the distinction between the real problem and a more generic one. None the less, the problem is solved for me. Anyone else who finds their self in my same situation might want to know this.

If you get the error message above recommending a power cycle and your camera is a good distance away from the router (50 feet or more) then you can try moving it closer.


My camera is only about 10-12 feet away from my router and I get that error message


I am just testing V2 just bought recently. It is about 6 feet away but still get this error from time to time.


So this isn’t a solution but rather another interesting data point regarding the “error code -90” message.

Yesterday I was reconfiguring my network to make it easier to do packet analysis on certain WiFi devices, and as part of that I set up a couple low-power travel routers as wireless access points (N150 class, 2.4GHz). These pocket routers have a very low output power (around 3dBm) so anything more than 20 feet away starts to lose signal pretty quickly.

I was watching the AP client connections and noticed that my Wyze Cam v2 was dropping in and out, connecting for a few seconds then dropping off the list for 10-15 seconds. I opened the Wyze app on my phone (on the same network, different AP) and tried to view the live stream but I got the “error code -90” message asking me to power cycle the camera (first time I’ve seen this error). I moved the pocket router about 10 feet closer to my camera and it stopped dropping off the client list, and I was able to view the live stream without power cycling my camera.

I repeated the test several times and it looks like any time the camera has a spotty WiFi connection the Wyze app throws that error code. I suspect the Wyze devs could tell us that error code -90 simply means the camera is offline, and the suggestion of power cycling is just the easiest way to force a re-association with WiFi.


I removed the SD Card… Works Fine Now.

    <li style="text-align: left;">Will try another card and Update when I Do..