Please stop using FedEx SmartPost!

Here’s tracking for my outdoor camera:
Sat, 08/08/2020

They are the worst (well UPS Mail Innovations is as bad-- they both add many days to shipping and make the service massively worse).

Nine days. Nine! UPS Ground gets here from there in about 4-5 days, USPS will ship a 2lb 6x6x6" box from here to there Priority in 2 days for well under the shipping charged. Fedex Ground says 2 days from here to Indianapolis, I just checked.

Heaven forbid if a SmartPost package gets lost or damaged, because everyone will point fingers at everyone else and claim it wasn’t their fault. BTDT.


Oh “UPS Mail Innovations” is definitely worse. I ordered 2 little sticks of RAM from a US supplier on July 18. It ping ponged across the country and finally arrived yesterday. Direct shipping from China is faster.

It’s reasons like these that Amazon is taking over the globe.


Mine is originating from Indianapolis also, peculiar since I live in CO. Also FedEx SmartPost. Expected delivery next Thurs, 8/6.

I prefer delivery by the postal service because the letter carrier knows exactly where my mailbox is, on a 16 acre condominium complex with 244 units and 22 buildings. About a third of deliveries here by Amazon, FedEx, or UPS are dropped off at the wrong building or delayed for re-delivery another day because the driver gets confused and can’t find my building. DHL loses or delays two thirds of my incoming deliveries. FedEx once had 5 boxes for me on the same day, leaving 2 at my doorstep and 3 others scattered around the complex. Honest neighbors brought the mis-delivered packages to my door. In my case, while the USPS might be slower sometimes, I greatly prefer them.

A measly 10 units per building? I think the blame here lies at least 90% on your development planners and their addressing / signage, for what little that’s worth.

did you finally get it? Mine said arrival on 8/7. (edit) It has changed the arrival date about every 2 days, sometimes the system seems to just guess and picks 2 weeks out. Then days later it is optimistic and predicts a delivery the very next day. The current projection is now 8/21. That is 14 days from California to Colorado! On another note, I ordered dog food from Chewy, it left California on Monday and 4 days later 70lbs arrived in Colorado (USPS).
Here is the direct URL to FedEx to get tracking information, unfortunately it is rather lame, it just says that 4 days ago a label was created: . Just copy and paste the url and plug in your own tracking number. Smart Post is a hybrid FedEx USPS service that really only shows the label creation and final delivery, Supposely, FedEx picks up the packages at the source, the only in the last mile USPS does the delivery. Why now after 7 years FedEx still can not tell you it delivered your package to the local Post Office is only a mystery FedEx can explain.


Not yet, but … handed off from FedEx to local USPS yesterday. Just received an email update from USPS and it’s scheduled to arrive tomorrow (Sat).

Interesting. Wyze shipped my outdoor camera via fedex smartpost, but the tracking info said “this package will be delivered by fedex, not usps” and it was !

Is anyone else’s order still stuck in SmartPost limbo? Wyze printed the shipping label over 5 days ago but no progress for my order after that. How did your shipping go?

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Mine got picked up by Fedex a day or two after the label was printed, then went to Houston in 2 days and spent the next week sitting in warehouses and getting handed over to USPS for delivery.
I don’t think Wyze is shipping these, looks like they sent crates of them to a fulfillment-house in Indiana (edit: and CA) that does the actual mailing.

Email from Wyze predicted delivery from Calif on 8/7 to Colorado. Nothing arrived. Checked the FedEx website, that is even more of a clueless wonder, it just reports that a label was created on 8/5. On 8/8 suddenly an update came predicting delivery 5 more days out on 8/12. Wyze needs pick something simple like USPS, their tracking is simple, but this disaster of a shipping partnership of Narvar and Fedex and USPS is not worth the $10 shipping cost. Hopefully Wyze is making some money on shipping. Folks this is why Amazon is winning, they have the shipping thing down on Prime orders.

Update: It finally arrived 8/19. Note to Wyze, just use USPS - it is obvious that multiple carriers are just making it more complicated. Also who ever is, this seems a complete waste of time, they have zero customer service, not certain what the value of their “tracking” is.

And they built their own fleet and staff to do it. I used to think they were just trying to save money and avoid unions by doing it themselves. But it’s also a MUCH better service, even I would prefer not to give Jeff all of my money.

I had no issues with shipping. Got notified 7/29 and arrived on 8/2. Mine also shows that it shipped from Indianapolis, IN.

I checked my FedEx SmartPost tracking detail and notice my order is shipping from “FedEx Supply Chain” in Fontana, Calif. So there must be some issue at this Calif fulfillment center for Wyze because the FedEx tracking hasn’t changed for over 5 days. It appears they created the shipping label but hasn’t physically shipped the package yet. I’ll send Wyze a message and see if I can get any information.

FedEx has done it’s absolute best to damage Wyze’s reputation, and they are doing a great job at it. I’m starting to believe that Ring is paying them to do this. I have yet to receive my Outdoor Wyze Cam order, a shipment that should’ve took two days because it was being shipped from one state over, has taken 12. According to tracking, here is the package path:

Indiana - California - Arizona - New Mexico - Kansas - Illinois - Illinois another 2 stops - Indiana - On the way supposedly.

When it comes to delivery, this is the antithesis of customer service, purely abysmal. I must strongly reconsider buying direct from Wyze - I will wait till stuff hits Amazon and get it in 2 days or so.


I would have to agree with you about shipping purchases from Wyze. It’s all over the map (literally in your case :slightly_smiling_face:) I have received stuff very quickly, and also had stuff never arrive at all. Wyze thankfully replaced what did not arrive.

As a result I, like you suggested, tend to wait until Amazon or Home Depot etc carry them and get them that way.

Not Wyze’s fault but it certainly reflects badly on them.

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Wow, that certainly IS the scenic route. I live in northern CO and my shipment also started in Indianapolis (took about 5 days), but never went to the west coast like yours. :grimacing:

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It could be worse, I’m an hour west of Indy and mine shipped from California a week ago. It arrived today.

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I’m thinking there is just some kind of anomaly in how Fedex lists it’s tracking updates. It probably gives too much initial information and shows the processing of requests before shipping an item. For instance, perhaps in my case, the item was not in Indiana, so maybe they transferred the request to California where it would truly be sent from. This is my best guess. I find it hard to believe that any company would be that incompetent to send something from Indy to Cali, just to send it back to Indy. Nevertheless, it still reveals a notable delay in the request to shipment regardless. It’s fine, I just wished Wyze’s business partners were as good as their products. I also hope Wyze isn’t counting on user testing analysis from the customers in wait. I’m assuming it can also place some of us in a negative mindset before we even get into reviewing the product. Perhaps a subconscious negative bias? Thanks FedEx.


My most recent order Wyze said would be delivered 8/10. They even sent me an email 8/9 about my package arriving TOMORROW! It didn’t. It then said 8/12 on the Wyze site. Now that it is 8/12 I check again and it now says 8/14! When I track with FedEx it is saying an estimated delivery is not available and from 8/5 - 8/11 it has not even moved from Indiana. Unbelievable!

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