Please release version of the Android Wyze app for the Chromebook

I just got a Lenovo Duet Chromebook. It lets you run android apps on Chrome OS. It’s a pretty awesome device that functions as a tablet or a desktop like device. Here’s a link, you can get one yourself. They’re on sale at Best Buy.

I was bummed that the Wyze app wouldn’t install on this device.

Would it be possible for Wyze to release a version of the Android app that could run on the Chromebook?

Thank you!


Welcome back @bkbonner!
I definitely like this idea.
There’s a #wishlist item for computer viewing here:

You might want to add you idea there. You may be able to do this using APK Mirror, but I don’t have any experience with it and I’m unsure how stable it is.

If you only need to view the cameras, you should try TinyCam. It can be unstable at times , but works well for watching the cameras. You can purchase cloud recording services from TinyCam, but it’s not worth it if you already use Cam Plus on the SD card.

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