Please make an Android TV compatible app

And the ability to disable that.

Imagine being a business owner and you use cameras all over your business property. Customers would be setting off notifications all day long.

I’d like to see an app on Android TV for my Nvidia shield. Even if it’s only for the cameras.

I now have reason to think that an AndroidTV version just MIGHT also automatically support mouse navigation on Amazon Firesticks. So count me in.


App for android TV is on the roadmap?

I don’t believe this has made it to #roadmap yet. You can check any time:

Search Roadmap

Please consider making an app for Android tv, Google just released their Chromecast with Android tv and it would be nice if a native wyze app existed so I can watch the cameras and also get notifications directly on my android tv, I have TinyCam Pro already but an actual wyze app with notifications would be great.