Please keep all beta discussion here


(from @WyzeGwendolyn)

Hi, everyone!

This is just a quick reminder to keep conversations about the beta app, features, bugs, etc. in this category instead of posting about them in #ask-the-community . This helps to reduce confusion and makes sure that the people tracking feedback about beta get to see what you posted.



Thank you, Loki! Much appreciated. :slight_smile:


I thought I signed up for RTSP Beta test via an eMail invite from Wyze, but I am totally confused as to whether I am in the program or not. Can one of you please help me determine or advise me how to determine if I signed up correctly?

My Android App Store says I have the Beta version of the App installed. What does that really mean?



Being in Beta means you get access to functions that are not available to the general public in the production app. currently we have access to use and test and reports bugs on features like grouping the cameras and seeing multiple feeds at once, and being able to turn off the infrared LEDs but keeping night vision on. you referenced RSTP Beta. to my knowledge the RSTP feature is being worked on (more than likely in Alpha testing at this point) and could be released to Beta testing in the next update or two for Beta. your profile picture on your post has the tell tale sign of a Beta user (the wrench and gear) as well so you have successfully signed up for the program too. if you have the features I mentioned you do have the Beta app installed.

if you find any odd behavior or have any questions don’t hesitate to mention then in the Beta section of the forums.


I just checked and we haven’t started RTSP beta testing yet (it’s not ready). Could you please message me a copy of the email that you received? We’re curious what you ended up signing up for.

Bam’s description of what beta is works! Though you’ll also run into more bugs if you’re using beta since that’s the bug bashing level.


thank you for the correction on where RSTP currently is @WyzeGwendolyn


My pleasure! :slight_smile:


Where do I go for the google integration discussions? I was in the group on google found a mention of my issue. (Not being able to access the simulation portion and not having wyze in my list) and the page said to go to wyze forums. It said that issue only happens to a few people . So of course I am part of the few people.


@PARKERBAMA this (below) is the topic for google currently. I don’t know what you mean when you said " I was in the group on google"

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