Please find a way to deal with insects in IR Mode

@tomp: camera sensor. Works great through window - assuming of course you have turned off the IR illumination in order to avoid reflection.

Yes - I had the infrared off and it does work well! For some reason I had thought you were talking about one of the Wyze sense PIR motion detectors.

Insects are INDOORS TOO! Same Issue *

So true. A solution to that issue is to pair a Wyze Sense motion sensor with an indoor Wyze Cam. The Wyze Sense can be set up to trigger cloud event clips on the associated camera. As a bonus, you eliminate the five minute cool down period that exists for cloud clips triggered by camera’s motion detection.

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Seriously? You guys are whining about insects? Then perhaps you should buy cameras that cost over $1000 to prevent that problem. Insects are not attracted to IR lights or LED lights. I have a huge IR light on my garage for other cameras and it does not attract a single insect

I too had the problem of too many false alerts caused by bugs flying by the outdoor* camera. I purchased the Wyze Sense Starter Kit and mounted the PIR Motion Sensor outside* some distance from the camera. After adjusting some of the settings in the app, it’s completely solved the nighttime problem. However now I have a worse problem during the day whereas apparently daytime heat is causing the PIR sensor to trigger every few minutes. The PIR doesn’t have the 5 minute cool down period, so I’m getting alerts triggering the camera recording every few minutes. I wish there was a way to turn off the PIR sensor or it’s triggering during the day. Has anyone else mounted their PIR Motion Sensor outdoors* and experiencing false motion apparently by daytime heat?

  • I am aware that Wyze products are marketed for indoor use only. I’m just tinkering to get more functionality and customization for my needs like most others on this forum.
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Not all critters see the same range of light frequencies humans do. Insects see way further into the infra red than we do. Honey bees see further into the other end, ultraviolet. Mount an IR flood light at least 5 feet away from your camera and disable the internal IR leds.


Gr8 reply. About 2 say that but U beat me 2 it.

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And also benefit from amazing illumination that makes these cameras actually see pretty well and far away in total “darkness”.
Potent IR illuminators can be had for $20.

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Do you have any links to such in the US that you have used?

@gemniii, I currently use (sounds odd, I know) the illuminator on an old FosCam IP camera that takes 6 “fixed” images upon motion detection. IR on dusk to dawn though and immensely help the Wyze so much I have turned off Wyze illumination.

Otherwise, there are tons of products at amazon (just as an example): ($25) ($12)


I was looking for some recommendations based on experience.
I’m tired of returning stuff to Amazon vendors because the reviews were wrong.

@gemniii, got it but it is a basic IR illuminator. Really not much that can go wrong. Or buy - based on my experience - an old FosCam and use the LEDs there.

mga, To minimize false alerts due to bugs you can set up an IR illuminator away from the camera (but still pointing to the area you want to light up), go into camera settings, leave Night Vision on but turn off “Night Vision IR Lights”. This will compel the bugs to go to the illuminator and not trigger the camera. There is one “Amazon’s Choice” ( Tendelux 80ft IR Illuminator) for as low as $19.45.
This will light up that area MUCH better than the camera ever could.

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They have made is very clear to thousands that it is designed as an indoor camera, it seems just a few are confused.

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