Please consider changing your shipper.



This UPS/USPS “Innovations” partnership is just a disaster. I paid $21 dollars to have five cameras (a total of two and a half pounds shipping weight) shipped the slowest way possible from your facility, to have them arrive in my town four days ago, to have record of the shipment bounce around to three different postal facilities IN MY TOWN! AND THEY STILL HAVEN’T ARRIVED!

This is nonsense. Their poor performance will begin to make you look bad eventually. You can have the most wonderful product out there, if it doesn’t reach the hands of your customers? It’s pretty much worthless.

Bag these clowns before they take you down with them.


I agree, we need more shipping options, the “innovations” is nothing but headaches.



Thanks for the feedback. We are working on adding more shipping options.

Just note that UPS Ground or Fedex Ground will be quite more expensive than UPS Mail Innovation. But at least, as a customer, you will have a choice.


UPS Mail Innovation worked great for me for delivery at my location (99207).



I have to agree! The current shipping method is stupid slow! I’m two states away from the shipping location, and it takes a WEEK for my order/cameras to arrive?


UPS/USPS worked for me also. Whether it be FedEx or UPS, the only way to keep shipping cost from being ridiculous is using the PO for final delivery.



Like it or not, we live in a time of “Amazon Shipping expectations”, and nothing discourages buyers more than lengthy shipping times. For the money charged for shipping, Wyze could use USPS Priority Mail, and have orders to the client(s) within 3 days. These cameras are so small/light, 8-10 of them could easily be shipped in a small priority mailer. Even if the shipping charge was increased slightly, I have no doubt that clients would be happier. As I said previously, I’m only 2 states away from the shipping location, and delivery takes a full WEEK.


Try ordering them to Canada. They don’t ship directly, so I paid for shipping to a US forwarding service in California, and then $50 worth of FedEx to Edmonton.

Still worth it though… I know it’s tough to get things like this across the border, but it’d save us Canadians a lot of money!


Yeah I think usps priority would be cheaper and quicker. Took two weeks to get to me in California. I may need to look up normal ups ground prices but for the size and weight I would be surprised if it wouldn’t be similar.


UPS for even local for our company is a around $9 so you people buying dont really have clue, Amazon has spooled you all. i do agee if you want to pay the price then get it 3 day select etc,. but i bet most of you complainers will go innovations like i did whe npush comes ti shove. Reall does an extra week realy matter. You are obviously buying this partly by quality but ALSO BECUASE OF PRICE.


(you people buying dont really have clue)

As the owner/operator of a Sole Proprietorship business, I can tell you that I am acutely aware of shipping costs. Choosing a fast/efficient method of shipping is one of the keys to keeping customers happy. I ship product all over the world, and if I were to base my shipping solely on cost, I’d be out of business.

(Amazon has spooled you all)

Amazon has spoiled EVERYONE. Right or wrong, they’ve set a number of expectations that customers look for in other entities.

(but i bet most of you complainers will go innovations like i did whe npush comes ti shove.)

I disagree. Shipping time is one of the keys to keeping clients happy… and far too many businesses overlook this fact. A business isn’t built/sustained on selling a single product to a single buyer… success is selling multiple times, to the same clients. In other words, repeat business. If a business chooses shippers based solely on who’s the cheapest, their shooting themselves in the foot.

(Really does an extra week really matter)

Based on this thread existing, I would say the answer to that is obvious. It does matter. I don’t like it any more than other businesses, but the fact is that shipping speed is important to customers, and it does affect sales, particularly repeat sales.


I’m still waiting for my order to arrive, it’s been 8 days so far. Kent Washington to Victorville California is only 1100 miles due South. I placed my order on January 17th, and was advised to expect a shipping time of 4 to 7 days, now that’s been updated to Saturday January 27th. A full 10 days at a cost of $42.00 for expedited shipping is unacceptable. People who go into business need to understand, no matter how outstanding the product, without good customer service, you won’t be able to keep you customers.




Thanks for all the feedback! Like WyzeR mentioned, we are working to add more shipping options in the future. :slight_smile: