Please add IFTTT to Wyze scale

please add IFTTT trigger and new weight measurement taken… with weight as the data

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This might be good for us now that everyone is stuck inside and worried about eating too much.
Wyze could make a Refrigerator lock next and have the IFTTT trigger be “If weight on Wyze Scale is over X, then have Refrigerator Lock stay locked till weight on Wyze Scale goes below X.”


Or if weight today is less than weight yesterday, activate party mode on lights and speakers.

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Would love this to log weight to google sheets where I can graph alongside my other body metrics. OR Handoff to Garmin/Fitbit, etc…


I too would like to have my Wyze scale work with IFTTT. It would be very cool to have my kitchen lights be either red or green when I come down in the morning after weighing myself.

If this gets added, I will replace my Withings Scale immediately!

Should this be moved out of Early Access now that the scale is primetime?