Please add a feature to disable livestream audio / microphone



Please add a feature to disable livestream audio / microphone for privacy issues.

I am aware there is a way to disable audio while recording but would like to have a way to disable livestream audio when viewing via Alexa Echo show, Kindle, etc.

Audio On/Off Switch on Wyze Cam 2?
Microphone location

I wasn’t aware there isn’t a way to turn off the audio when viewing on Alexa devices.


Volume of device as a work around?


Why doesn’t the Wyze Cam 2 have an ON/OFF audio switch right on the camera? I want to put my camera in my office, point it towards the window looking outside, and share access with other people. Even if I turn off audio recording via the App, they can still listen in on my conversations whenever they want. How does this make any sense whatsoever? What a terrible design flaw. You know it’s bad when the only solution is apparently ripping out the microphone physically, like this guy suggests:


This topic also applies to disabling audio transmission for shared users. There is another #roadmap topic related to all shared user permissions that you may want to hop over and vote for:


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