Please add a feature to disable livestream audio / microphone

Please add a feature to disable livestream audio / microphone for privacy issues.

I am aware there is a way to disable audio while recording but would like to have a way to disable livestream audio when viewing via Alexa Echo show, Kindle, etc.

I wasn’t aware there isn’t a way to turn off the audio when viewing on Alexa devices.

Volume of device as a work around?

Why doesn’t the Wyze Cam 2 have an ON/OFF audio switch right on the camera? I want to put my camera in my office, point it towards the window looking outside, and share access with other people. Even if I turn off audio recording via the App, they can still listen in on my conversations whenever they want. How does this make any sense whatsoever? What a terrible design flaw. You know it’s bad when the only solution is apparently ripping out the microphone physically, like this guy suggests:


This topic also applies to disabling audio transmission for shared users. There is another #roadmap topic related to all shared user permissions that you may want to hop over and vote for:

Loki, why did you merge my post with this thread? Completely unrelated.

It would be nice for security purposes to be able to disable the microphone entirely, ideally in hardware with a switch or accessible jumper, or even in software with a separate p/w or better, remain disabled until camera reset. Could prevent “Nest-like” bad PR.

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Own four Wyze v2 cameras. Totally awesome. But the one we use in our occupied house always has the microphone on. So our kids, with whom we share the feed for security purposes can ALWAYS hear what we are doing in our house. We have the sound off (the speaker icon has a line through it) but it makes no difference. The camera is aimed outside so we don’t need the sound at all. But how do I turn off the microphone so it stays off?

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I ripped the microphone off the circuit board. Thanks for that link. There should be a physical switch on device. I have two cameras so far. One in a bedroom window watching the front door and driveway. No way I could use this location with a working microphone. Microphone needs to be the user’s choice.

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I know I’m a bit late to the party, but the feature of permanently turning off ones own Cam’s sound (shared or not shared) should be a fundamental right? Awesome Product Wyze Labs!

The only reason I won’t buy a hand full of these. Seen them in action and they’re perfect except for this, I want to share the image but not worry about 24/7 audio on me.

I can’t believe they allow shared users to activate microphones even if the owner has them turned off. This is ILLEGAL in many states, not to mention unethical. It’s call a spying BUG! I sure hope they will fix this. In the mean time, anyone have a way of destroying the mic without messing up the video?

I only know the law in my state but I am guessing sharing the cam in which you know has audio capabilities that can be turned on by whoever’s you share it to could be argued as acknowledgement of being recorded.
I do agree though it should be something you can completely turn off if the user wants, it should be a choice.

In most states, it is illegal to monitor audio, it’s called Wiretapping and there are state and federal laws against it (except when you are in your own home).

Please make a wyze cam for public places that doesn’t have audio. Imagine how many people and businesses will be buying this product. This product will be a winner for WYZE

I think a shunt would be better than a switch. Just so you would have to deliberately have to do something semi-difficult to disable the audio. Otherwise family members and employees would be turning the switch, making you have to go to the camera and turn it back on again all the time.