Playback not working

I switched out my SD card and my playback worked instantly again. I only have one camera but not sure if anyone has tried that solution. I was having same playback issues and commented very early in the thread.

Different issue then. All 5 of my cards didn’t just go bad after the last update

Same here, 5 cameras and 5 different cards, will there be a fix soon? Overall pretty good cameras but hard to use as “security” cameras as they have been down like this 2 or three times for days or weeks in the past couple years for issues like this. Not very stable or reliable if you really use them for security. Bummer-

Can U give details if cards? old and new
brand, size and speed. etc

I was having the same playback issues. It doesn’t hurt to just try a new card in cam and see what it does. My playback literally stopped after the last update and card was working just fine. It was a brand new card when I got the cam in August. I talked with support and even tried to flash the firmware like they told me and that didn’t work. So I did the one thing I hadn’t tried yet and when I swapped out SD card, working like normal.

Oh yeah, I also tried to put the SD card into different devices and it wouldn’t work. It’s like the cam destroyed the card.

Today 17Jan2020, got an new app update.
WYZE reinstalled the same version. not sure why Google shows as new update.
edit: looks like WYZE does not like the Play Back comments and reset the user app.

Same problem with PlayBack.
does saying failed to connect twice.

No problem with playing events from server.

I set sd card to events only but the app does not record events to sd card. only upliad to server.

I know how you feel but to be honest Wyze don’t advertise them as “security” cameras.

In my situation, all three cams had minimal space on the SD card and did not appear to write more data. I reformatted all three. I was wondering if the write-over feature died. Haven’t seen the issue since then but always looking for a better app.

I have plenty of spaces in my sd card.
Not sd card issue in my case.

I had space but it stopped writing,

Right…I had space but stopped writing also. I replaced my card and playback was working like normal again. I took the old card and put it in other devices and it’s like it damaged the card bc it wouldn’t work at all.

I have removed the SD cards from the cameras and can play videos from them on my computer without problem. I have one camera with a Wyze 32gb card and four others with Samsung EVO Select 32gb cards. Playback is inconsistent on all of them, whether running stock or RTSP firmware. I’m running the IOS Wyze application on my iPad…version is beta V2.8.16.

Wyze is high up and needs ladder every time User needs to check sd card would be good exercise and a ladder in your foyer as art.

Wasn’t suggesting that removing the card and reviewing on a PC is a solution. I simply used this as a test to verify that the cameras are, in fact, recording even if I can’t view the recordings while the cards are in the cameras. Seems the problem is most likely in the application and not the firmware since I tested at least three different versions of the camera firmware.

So is this is a problem that is being investigated and to be fixed by Wyze? Not sure I get that from this thread? Or is this the new norm; live view and no playback??

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I contacted Wyze support two weeks ago about this bug. It’s a bug in the latest Wyze app v.2.7.19 in Google Play Store. I reverted to a previous version and it worked like normal again.

Here’s a break down of the bug and how to play videos til fixed:

In View Playback:

1 - All future playback fails once the timeline is currently over a period of no recording. (Often, the current time has no active recording, so playback starts broken upon launching view playback)

2 - Playback is fixed by pressing the far left/right arrows on timeline slider.

3 - As long as playback is playing, slider can be moved over any recording and it will playback.

4 - see #1

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Which older version of app do you use?
Where can User find this? clean site?
Shouldn,t WYZE release newer version??


A wyze rep sent me an older version when ruling out different things. playback worked but the app was older so it had less features.
I switched back to latest and dealing w/bug since there’s a workaround to getting them to playback., just need to use the left/right arrows on the sides of the timeline slider.

thx. for tge work around tip
Used the left/right arrow, still took me 10 minutes to get to the timeline I want (where a 12 sec) occured.

Now occasionally, ONE 12 sec event could not be played. just frozen.

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