Playback not playing back



Hello Wyze family!

So I have 32gb SD cards in my cameras now which is great .I love having more than 12 seconds of recording to go off of. However, when I go to review the recorded video on pkayback, nothing happens. I scroll to the green bar that indicates a recorded session and then… It just sits there .the time doesn’t change, the video doesn’t change, nothing . Am I doing something wrong? I’ve formatted the SD cards, hit pause and play to try to get it to go… I’m at a loss!


Any help would be greatly appreciated!




It works for me generally but every once in a while the playback stops as described. I have to exit playback and go back in. It seems to work at that point even at the same spot it froze before. I have 32GB and 64GB cards.


Same issue here. I inserted a 32 GB card in the unit two days ago, but I don’t know if it recorded anything at all. Playback shows at the time that it says nothing to playback. If I tried to move the time bar a bit to the left, it will say “1969” right away no matter how little I move the the bar.

I tried clicking to “record” the live video, it said “save failed”. But the SD card should be working because when I clicked to take a photo from live streaming, it worked and saved a photo to the album. In facts, I do see the SD storage has been drawn down a bit, but the album shows no video there.

Note: The 12 seconds video recording to the cloud is still working though. So, it is supposed to record a minute+ of video whenever there is motion detected (i.e. something recorded to the cloud).


I found I had to format the mini-SD card with through the WyzeCam app before the camera was able to use it properly. Hope this helps.


I originally formatted the SD on PC with FAT32, but later on I also formatted it again from Wyze app. Still doesn’t work…


This is the answer