Playback microSD footage on shared camera



It appears that I can only payback microSD footage on a camera if it is set up on my account, but not if it is a camera shared with me. Is that correct?


That is correct. See the video here:

“Shared users don’t have access to features that use the microSD card.”

Future software updates will provide more detailed control over features available to shared users. I do not know if that includes access to the microSD card, nor has timing of the release of these features been announced.


This is very disappointing. We share our cameras in our family, and we all need access to the SD playback.


The simple solution is to log the family member’s Wyze app into the “master” account rather than have a separate account. It is allowed to have multiple devices logged into the same account and even accessing the same camera at one time.


Yes, but this is not ideal for many reasons, the top being that I personally have access to cameras at my grandmothers house, which we use to make sure she hasn’t fallen. I don’t want to give that access to my husband. My grandmother would be incredibly uncomfortable with that, for obvious reasons, and I’m not interested in violating her privacy.


At this time, the only solution for that situation for that is to attach cameras to different Wyze accounts and log in and out of the app for each group. Other than that, I’m afraid you’ll have to be patient and wait for the implementation of shared user permissions, which is coming sometime down the road (but I don’t know when).