Playback Feature - Jump to Notification Events



The ability to navigate directly to a notification event is an obvious and necessary feature that is missing from View Playback mode in the Wyze smartphone app. It is extremely annoying having to physically attempt to finger scroll to the ‘exact’ point where a notification event took place. Most people just don’t have the dexterity. You usually end up scrolling past the event many time. Then finally, you end up scrolling 2-5 minutes before the notification event, just to make sure you don’t miss it. Then you just sit there and wait. Very frustrating.

Wyze knows the exact time of the notification event, so it would be a 5 minute software programming update for them to add left and right soft arrow buttons on the Playback screen to jump between notifications when you are in playback. And while they are at it they could add a dark strip or arrow pointer below the timeline as a visual marker on the timline to show when the notification event occurred.

Navigation of the timeline is an unacceptable user experience (UX) and really poor engineering, IMO.


A couple of things you should know…

First, once you have moved the timeline to the approximate time of the motion event, you can use a pinch-out gesture (two fingers on the timeline moved apart) to zoom in on the time scale. This makes it pretty easy to narrow in on a specific time/event.

Second, left/right soft arrow buttons to jump to next/previous event are in testing now and should be released in an update pretty soon. Later on, fast forward/reverse on the timeline is in the plan to be implemented.

BTW, I’ve removed the poll. Since this is already in the testing phase, the poll is not really relevant to getting Wyze to implement this.


Thanks. It would also be useful to jump to the Notification event directly from the Notification menu to the timeline position on Playback.

Basically, it would automate the user sequence of: (1) write down the event time, (2) select device tab, (3) click on camera & wait for authentication, (4) coarse location of the event on the timeline, (5) pinch zoom & (6) fine location of the event on the timeline.

That’s a lot of steps that could be saved for the end-user.


This is on Wyze’s feature request tracker, and I’ve added your vote for it.


Thank you! Tagging myself for notifs.