Plans for Hubitat support?

Long time user / early supporter here putting in a vote for Hubitat support. I want to use as many Wyze products as possible, but in some cases the suite of products falls short, and if I could use them all with the things that Wyze doesn’t make, it would make my home smarter. Thanks for considering!


With so much fun new Wyze stuff coming out, I just wanted to bump this to push Hubitat or even general API access

I’m still hoping that Wyze opens this up to Hubitat. We could do so much more with the motion detection, door sensors, cameras, thermostat and more.

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Ditto. I am using a paid ifttt account to get the motion detector signal. It would be great if Hubitat could get it directly.

With the Hubitat motion detection algorithm, you set up a time windows when looking for multiple events from multiple detectors to reduce false triggers. The variable delay of ifttt makes for a need for a long window in order to catch both local motion detector signals and also the WYZE camera signals

+1 for hubitat support! Having just gone through the wink debacle I have moved to hubitat for local control. I love my wyze products and just got my first bulbs, way better than competitors and much cheaper… If only I could tie them into hubitat. I would totally be willing to buy a wyze bridge that would allow integration.

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Hi - I may need to reach out to you - I too have. Wink v1 and just bought a Hubitat Elevation Hub so I can get rid of Wink once and for all.

Most of my lighting is Lutron and I purchased their Lutron L-REPPRO-BL Ra2 Select so that I could integrate them with Hubitat.

Only concern I have is the “excluding” from the Wink cleanly - does not always work well.

In hubitat you could use Virtual Switches or Virtual Motion Sensors and Alexa. Then when the switch turns on, a Routine in Alexa will turn on the bulb and Vice Versa.

I did this for a bit. Wyze is a lot simpler than Hubitat.

I setup a Hubitat system for my son. What I learned was that it does not matter where you exclude ZWave devices from. you can use Hubitat and exclude it from within Hubitat. I did that for his ZWave Switches. After you do the Exclude, then you can pair it cleanly.

This was my experience - This is explained in the Hubitat forums as well.

Let’s face it, folks. Wyze does a give a rats petute about integrating with Hubitat. and by association does not give about the people that made Wyze a success.

To my knowledge, Wyze has NEVER offered even an explanation why they will not integrate with Hubitat. They just ignore all requests.

If wyze has told us why they will not offer support for Hubitat please point me there. Otherwize,


I have both Hubitat and Wyze. For my use, I prefer Wyze. My experience has been acceptable (yes, I have had some problems). Like all smart technology, there are ups and downs with both. Like Wyze, I have experienced issues with Hubitat and even SmartThings. Customer Support for SmartThings was problematic, especially when Samsung took over. Hubitat is better, but I have gone with unanswered questions or support calls.

Here is my take on both

Wyze is for the masses and is simple to use. In addition, Wyze’s products and pricing puts it in a class of its own. My primary request for Wyze would be to make it Local Processing and less dependent on the Cloud. But, In comparing to Hubitat, the time it takes for the lights to come or sensors to notify is virtually the same. In the last public question answer session by Wyze, they mentioned that they are working on a UI change and looking into tablet support as well. I believe they will get there. They are still a relatively new company.

IMHO, Hubitat is for the IT savvy who enjoys tinkering and changing things. The Rules engine alone is powerful but complex. I have created some complex rules which a non-IT individuals may struggle with. Sometimes simplicity is best. Hubitat lacks the support for native Camera Integration. there are Dashboard Tiles which you can use to force it, but it is a work around. Hubitat does offer a dashboard which works on tablets, PC’s and mobile - Basically, you just need a browser. I am sure Wyze will get there as well. As with Wyze, I have had my share of problems with Hubitat: Lights not going out - Had to force it, Delayed Sensor Notifications or none at all - Had to reboot the Hub to correct this issue.

To me, it all boils down to what you are planning on using the technology for. Like I said, I have both Wyze and Hubitat, I like both but prefer Wyze.

I have some of my Wyze products on the Hubitat Dashboard by using Virtual Devices to trigger them via Alexa Routines or IFTTT. Not Ideal, but it does work. This is where local integration would be preferred, which I understand. But until that happens, there are methods to accomplish the same thing.

I’m getting into more home automation stuff and as an owner of 5 regular bulbs, 2 color bulbs, robot vacuum, and thermostat, integration with Hubitat would be fantastic and would keep me firmly in the Wyze ecosystem.

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So glad we only hear crickets, and nothing from anyone from the WYZE team. Just like my support on my new color bulb.

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Yep, Wyze is pretty much a closed ecosystem. Just offering a api that requires everyone from the outside to go through Wyze seems reasonable, but they seem to want to hold all things close to the vest.

So yes, crickets. … At least they aren’t locust.

+1 from me for hubitat. With thousands of users moving from Wink to Hubitat, your marketing dept should be all over this as a top priority feature to increase sales of all of your products. Why well, Hubitat allows many of your home automation deivces to function while only being connected to your local network without being connected to the internet. Come-on WyzeGuys, your smart enough to figure this out!

+1 (or more for me) for Hubitat. I have read so many posts of those who want to buy Wyze, but won’t. By definition, there will always be some limitation in a walled garden. Even Apple fans can use Microsoft Office. In all seriousness, most of the products that Wyze sells will be in my home when I can use Hubitat. BTW, I really liked the video on the thermostat. Quality is more important to me than a cheap price.

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1 year later… Still waiting for some news of a proposed release date of API.

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