Plans for Hubitat support?

Local control as a whole doesn’t seem to be a priority. Smartthings is more likely than Hubitat though once the API is released I’m sure someone will adapt it to work with Hubitat. Someone as in some nice community developer who volunteers his time and not Wyze. Wyze, on its part, has decided that we deserve no more than 3 IFTTT applets and should shut up while it goes and buys literally any electronic device made in China and slaps its logo on it (case in point - weighing scale released, thermometer as well and now Bluetooth headphones in development). Pretty sure the product pathway is determined by a blindfolded chap throwing darts at a spinning board. Yay.


Such a shame. Clearly they don’t see a future in the camera market. That would explain the awful reviews the outdoor camera has been getting.

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