Plans for Hubitat support?

Local control as a whole doesn’t seem to be a priority. Smartthings is more likely than Hubitat though once the API is released I’m sure someone will adapt it to work with Hubitat. Someone as in some nice community developer who volunteers his time and not Wyze. Wyze, on its part, has decided that we deserve no more than 3 IFTTT applets and should shut up while it goes and buys literally any electronic device made in China and slaps its logo on it (case in point - weighing scale released, thermometer as well and now Bluetooth headphones in development). Pretty sure the product pathway is determined by a blindfolded chap throwing darts at a spinning board. Yay.


Such a shame. Clearly they don’t see a future in the camera market. That would explain the awful reviews the outdoor camera has been getting.


It damn frustrating :angry: :rage: :angry:when Wyze keeps intentionally dodging our request and will not even speak about it at all

I am regreting buy those plugins. I am gonna sell and I will NEVER buy any wyze products.

Wyze simply doesn’t give a rat’s a**. They want shiny plastic to attract the most possible sales. Think Walmart of smarthome- lots of cheap crap & the goal is to sell new toys not support what we already sold you…

+1 for Hubitat Support


It looks like ST is on the way out…
SmartThings Hubs are no longer available and from their website:
Earlier this year, we highlighted plans to enlist companies that are
leaders in the smart home / automation space to manufacture and
distribute SmartThings hardware.


I hope you do consider a Hubitat support … I notice its’ userbase have grown more rapidly than before after Wink announced that they were going to monthly payware so many left and flocked over to Hubitat since it is local based not cloud dependence.

Also look like Smartthing could be on the way and that would increase Hubitat userbase even more.

My wife and I are both Deaf and we have Hubitat which is tied into many of our home zwave wall switches that control the ceiling lights to alert us when there an event like doorbell pressed or garage disposal left running for more than. minute etc.

We saw your new upcoming Doorbell camera and we are hoping that we can send button press event to our hubitat to use it to set trigger rules to alert us of someone at the door or to check on wyze app to see who at the door if our phone is on the table or not with us.

Please make this feature possible !!!

For us Deaf couple … we both are profound Deaf

Thank you very much!


Wise cameras are great, but having to go thru IFTTT to use the trigger sucks. Even the new paid version is somewhat laggy and unreliable at times.


With hundreds if not thousands of us (myself included) abandoning SmartThings for Hubitat, there is a groundswell of people needing integration with Hubitat. Thanks!


I have a few Wyze cameras and their scale. I also loved to Hubitat recently and will stick with that platform. I am hoping Wyze will add HE to their API soon. If not I suppose I will look for other hardware. It’s too bad as I subscribed to their person detection.

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This would be a great addition if they would do this, I have Wyze Cams and would like to have some integration, but without it, like many, I will just not buy other Wyze products because of the lack of support with the popular REAL Home Automation platforms (The 3 giants are not Home Automation platforms at all, they are just interfaces just like a door sensor).


So I went back to my initial request and had to chuckle seeing my reference to Stringify…wow has time flown by!

I think we the recent consolidation in the industry that Hubitat has gained even more interest and is one of the few standing platforms and is gaining momentum in the process.

It’s also worthwhile to mention all of the cool new devices Wyze has come out with from sensors to locks to robot vacuum and now sprinkler controller. They seem to be taking a dominate position in many end nodes but the interconnect of ALL of these products and others is where Hubitat excels.

I hope the Wyze team is keeping tabs on this tread and considering because I know that if they implemented local integration to HE, they would gain instant traction in the HE ecosystem to sell all of their cool new products.

Your move Wyze team :slight_smile:


Just pre-ordered the vacuum and have recently began using Hubitat. Would be ideal for various Wyze cams and soon-to-own vacuum. Put a speaker on that vacuum and during a break-in, turn off all the lights, put the vacuum in motion and have the speaker playing shotgun sounds. :slight_smile:

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+1 for Hibitat!

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Please put it on your roadmap.


In the most recent AMA Wyze did, they discussed making open API access available so that third parties could use and integrate their devices and services.
1:06:24 - 1:09:10

Basically, nothing ready before end of this year, and probably not the beginning of 2021, but sometime in 2021 this should be a possibility. Obviously, some 3rd party integrations are already happening (Alexa, Google, IFTTT, etc), but they are talking about other things having access through API.

I assume if some of you had open API access you could start making some things work on Hubitat?

I personally am just learning about Hubitat now (after seeing this post), and am very supportive (I voted)! I want everything I have to be able to work locally. There are too many issues relying on internet/cloud for such important devices that NEED reliability.

  1. ISP can have issues - mine is extremely unreliable
  2. Wyze sometimes has server issues (lots this last summer)
  3. Modem/router can have a memory leak or other issues, still working locally, but shutting down internet access

Hubitat would make Wyze more reliable by bypassing all those unreliable connectivity issues for sensors and such. Since Wyze wants to tout having reliable home security, nothing would make it more reliable than providing the possibility of some use even when the internet is finicky.


This needs to happen, wyze servers down again tonight

Big lags in notifications. Would like to see Hubitat support.

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I agree with you, I also would love to see Hubitat support.