Plans for Hubitat support?

Many of us are moving away from Stringify and towards services like Hubitat. I found Wyze from your IFTTT support but that tool is too simple for real automation. Can anyone comment if Hubitat support is in the works?

It isn’t on our roadmap at this point.

Definitely echo this request. I know you want to sell your ecosystem, but everyone has gaps. I’d sign up for cloud storage as support if I could reliably tie Wyze with Hubitat. Or ST even. Something local.

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Thanks for your feedback! I’ll share it with the team. Just to check, did you vote here and in the ST request topic?

I did not. It’s more I’d accept that if it happened, but would rather not have to dig out my ST hub, heh. Seems that has far more people voting for it.

Makes sense! Yeah, I think that ST has more of a shot than Hubitat but we don’t have plans for ST at this point. We’re keeping an eye on the discussion and it has been an internal conversation, though.

seems like if you guys made a powered zigbee or zwave bridge that could relay the proprietary protocol from your sense devices, we would have a lot of options. i appreciate the tight packaging and cheap integration via the camera, but to be honest, i’d pay for a dedicated bridge that would work with smartthings or hubitat directly…