Pink Tint Pink Flashes

Doea Wyze have a fix for the pink tint and pink flashes that are showing up on 2 of my Pan Cams? I read many others are experiening the same. I didn’t experience this until after a software update I believe 2 updates ago. What is the fix?

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Welcome to the community @Dmcribb .

I have seen reports of pink tint in the forums before. Seems that it may be related to the Night Mode but normally it covers more of the image. To test this out and see if it is related, Connect to your Pan Cam, and Cycle through each setting: Auto, Off, On. Wait for a period of time between each to see the Camera Live Stream Changes.

The Night Vision Toggle is the little Moon at the Top Right of the Stream under the settings button.

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When are you going to fix the v2 camera pink flash issue?

What I am experiencing is NOT the pink tint issue. My issue is a pink FLASH that happens when ever my V2 camera’s are turned on via the app. As the camera turns on it’s makes a loud click and then flashes pink. My other V3 cameras in the area can pick up and record the V2 camera flash. All my V2 camera’s have this issue. So I’m not sure why post was put here by a moderator.