Pin required to disarm

This whole pin situation is getting a bit ridiculous. I noticed over the past couple of days that even when I disable the alarm in the app, I still have to enter the pin to disarm it! I stood at my front door for a few moments after disarming in the app and was prompted to enter my pin. I realized this is the 3rd time it’s happened and it’s frustrating smh.

while i agree with all that as i have said before i believe this is a legal issue rather than a user security/convenience issue for wyze. i would also reiterate that many vulnerabilities are minor, until they happen.

So if Wyze changed this because of legal reasons, then put that in the release notes of the update. Also change the help information that is in the application that still says it works the old way. The fact that both these things are not reflected in the new behavior makes me believe this is simply a bug that they didn’t catch in QA testing for the latest release and Wyze support are not closing to chime in to this thread (if they even read it) and tell us so. Has anyone submitted an actual bug report or feature request and gotten an answer? If so, what was the response?.

I agree it was an easier process before, however the easier you make an alarm system, the more security you are giving up.

I have had many professional alarm systems in the past and none of them let me disarm the system (home or away mode) with out my code). so
did I like it the way it used to work? yes,
do I think it a little more secure in certain situations? yes
do I still want the option to have it back the way it worked before? yes.

My most recent system was Vivint & I never entered a pin to switch from Armed Home to Disarmed. I used that system for about 6 years & this was never an issue.

I don’t doubt that, but vivint is just one manufacturer. the idea that being able to disarm a system from any state of “armed” is obviously a potential security risk. the argument, i think you’ll agree, is simply if you or i are willing to live with the security risk or want to close the security gap as tight as it can reasonably be closed. i have seen people hide inside the secured perimeter and emerge at a more opportune time. it depends on the motivation of the criminal. were i a female living alone, i would put up with the inconvenience to close this gap. i understand you may not wish to. but my thought as far as wyze is concerned is that it cost them little to just program it to require the code and help protect them from possible lawsuits from users who may experience an incident in which this was a factor. i have a system from a major manufacturer (DSC) that requires a coded input to change any state. i simply stand on the side of closing the loophole for an acceptable bit of no-cost inconvenience. it’s all about getting as close as possible to 100% peace of mind without going bust in the process.

Oh, I don’t live alone & only mentioned Vivint because the previous poster said they had used many professional systems in the past & NONE of them could be disarmed without a pin.

didn’t remember reading that (i’m old), but it coincides with my experience.

Another vote to revert back to the option to disarm without pin from home to disarmed. I thought it was just a bug in the software after update but if they intended to remove options they should listen to the users in this thread and put the option back into the settings or fix the “Use Pin for mode changes” toggle.

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