Phone widget request for Android

I propose a feature request to add some widgets to the Wyze app on Android. Here are a couple suggestions that would be very useful:

  1. An Android 4x4 widget that would display a screenshot thumbnail from the last Wyze Pan Cam “event”.

  2. An Android 1x1 widget to toggle the power on a Wyze plug.


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widgets for literally anything would be useful. i have a rule set where up to a certain time of the day, motion detection will turn on my lights, while motion being cleared for 2 minutes will turn off the lights. now here’s the issue, if im in the room while that rule is active, i either have to flail my arms like an idiot every 30 seconds to ensure motion continues to be detected, or go into the app navigate to rules, find the rule that turns off the lights when the sensor is cleared and turn it off. this is just one of many scenarios where a toggle or app shortcut would work wonders. i dont understand why there hasnt at least been some consideration. i love the simple and cost effective solution that wyze bulbs, sensors and cameras offer, but a lot of the features are half baked.

Be nice to have a Android widget to display a live video of all cams. I’m wanting to use an old Samsung tab tablet as a wyze monitor so I can monitor all four cams without having to launch the wyze app.

Please add both widget support and an “at a glance” type widget. it would sit similar to how the calendar sits as a widget for month view on Android. Take a full screen if needed. Give us basically the landing page for the wyze app, but in a form that doesn’t require app to be open. Show us the position of a lock/ door/ sense sensor, if a motion sensor was tripped, and future devices with status information (unlike the gateway).

being able to pull over to a screen is faster than getting your app open on most phones,


Yes, please add ANY kind of widget support to your app. Even if it’s just a shortcut to view a camera, it would be very helpful.


Yes!!! I would love a widget. I use Tinycampro low, but would love a Wyze widget instead! Here is what I would like to see…

-A Quickview Widget that can be sized depending on where you need it.

-2 Quickview refresh rate settings one for “On Wifi” and one for "off Wifi that automatically change depending on where you are.

-Small “open/close” indicator widgets that you can customize the name and widget icon. For example, I have a contact sensor on my garage door and in my mailbox. I would like to be able to use a photo of my garage door as the icon for one and a photo of my mailbox for the other.

-Huge bonus if I could set my mailbox icon to light up or change color for a set amount of time after it shows open. Then I could glance at my phone, see the mailbox icon glowing and know the mail has already come.

  • Another bonus would be a photo icon for the motion sensor that also glows for a set amount of time after it detects motion.

-Small widgets with custom photo icons that control devices such as the bulbs, plugs and (soon to be switches).

-Larger Widgets that support multiple photo icon buttons for when you have multiple switches and plugs.

-A sizable widget that can control various scenes.

For me being able to switch the regular blah icons out for photos is very important. The reason I like widgets so much is the look. I like the look of a photo of the actual device I’m controlling a lot more then generic icons. I kind of like TP Link’s app because of this, however I feel the icons are a little too small in the app. I also like how the TP Link icons are greyscale when they are off and in color when they are on. I hate their widgets because although they do show the photo, they are way too small.

Here is my home screen with the Tinycampro widget, TP Link (Kasa) widgets and a few other widgets and apps.

Here is the TP Link app with photos instead of icons…

Hi All-

I’d LOVE to see a shortcut to open a specific camera setup as a widget for the android app.

It would be nice to have an icon on my homescreen that I could click and it would bring me directly to the live view of whichever camera it’s setup for. It’s not a HUGE thing but it would save a few “clicks” as I navigate through the app to get to that specific cameras live view…

Yes, I can’t believe this isn’t a feature set. Very disappointed to see that freaking Vesync had this but not Wyze, c’mon now…

Especially when you launched Bulb and Smart plugs. Should be able to turn these on and off from a widget.

On the wishlist as “maybe later” with 85 votes?? I’m really surprised this isn’t a thing yet. With the diversity of products now coming out, I think a simple widget would be in order. Personally I want one for my door lock, because opening the app, selecting the lock, then waiting for the status update and then taping on the lock/unlock button is unnecessarily long. It’s like a throwback to my old Mac Classic where I had to click and hold on the apple, then move down to applications and wait, then move over and down for Office and wait, then move over and select Word. It’s like 1992 all over again, and not in a good way!


It’s a lot of hassle to open the lock when auto-unlock doesn’t work. Need a shortcut for the lock with just lock and unlock to make it easier. Otherwise everybody know how many steps you need to go through just to unlock the door.


I agree. I’m honestly half tempted to reinstall my augustlock simply because more often than not the auto unlock on wyze doesn’t work until I’m standing right in front of the door and usually only after I take out and unlock my phone. If it doesn’t work then I have to open the app, click the lock, wait for it to load and connect… When your hands are full of bags of groceries this is very annoying :frowning:

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Please look into adding a Lock/Unlock widget. Due to having to wait for a keypad and wonky geofencing, it’s becoming more and more difficult to open up the app and fumble through the menu just to wait for the keypad “button” to pop up.
I might as well just pull out my key, in which case I should have just kept my original door lock.20200229_235013

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Could you please add the ability to add a lock / unlock link to the phones desktop. Or even a long press on the app that gives the lock / unlock toggle. I know all of this is capable on Android.

This would help so much for quick access.


I would like to see an Android widget for the Wyze Scale.

MVP: launch the app directly to the Scale.

v2: display current weight on the Scale

v3: display heart rate (maybe a separate widget for this)


If Wyze is going to continue down the health & fitness path, they need to break out these features into a standalone app.

Wyze Fitness App. (royalty-free name)

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So is Wyze determined not to make widgets? I’m new to the Wyze world and like their products so far but I’m inclined to return them because lesser companies have integrated widgets for the homescreen and Wyze doesn’t…

I don’t want to have to open the Wyze app everytime I want to turn a switch or bulb on. That’s ridiculous these days.

Come one Wyze.


A simple widget to turn the smart switches on and off would be fantastic.

Now that I have the thermostat, an Android widget that shows the current temps would be awesome!

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Status changed to “in-development”, yess!

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Almost two years later