Phone widget request for Android

A phone widget that allows you to scroll thru cams, on/off radio button, and mini live video screen would be awesome.

I use Android 8.0 OS

Hello @amhatfield11, I have edited the title for more clarification and also added an “/” between on and off.


There are plenty of new camera grouping threads out there, but I could not find anything that speaks to having the ability to add a widget or a shortcut (I’m on android) to the home screen that would allow you to open up the wyze app directly into a mult-cam view of your group.

Furthermore, I’d love to be able to take this shortcut somehow and utilize it directly in actiontiles (or any other dashboard app). I’ve already gone down the road of trying to integrate and pull in camera feeds to actiontiles with tinycam. But anything past 3 or 4 cams on a tinycam server crashes my cameras and feeds drop.


I think an Android Widget(s) with the following features would be very useful:

1x1 Widget showing a simple Open/Closed state of a Sense sensor and length of current state.

1x1 Widget showing a simple Motion/Clear state of a Sensor motion sensor and length of current state.


I had this exact idea as I left my home today. I want a widget that will show sensor states. Even a simple color coded circle one color for each state. Maybe customizable to a few different grid sizes that can allow for, 1x1, 1x4 or 2x8 grids for that many sensors. I like the motion/clear state of the motion sensor.

I am not sure if I am on board with a video widget, but may see the need later.

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How about a widget for the Android app, so we can quickly see the status of the contact sensors w/o having to open the app?

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Wyze should look into making a Wyze widget for Android so this way instead of having to go into the app the user can just place the widget on the homescreen and live stream their security cameras right from the homescreen. I think this will benefit a lot of Android users especially me, plus it’s more convenient too.


Would like to see widgets available on Android for shortcuts, opening app directly to a live feed, etc.



That’s exactly what I would like.

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So this would be super easy for you guys to implement for Android anyways but what about a widget option?

Alot of our cams are used through the day as baby monitors so the kids can play in their rooms while I cook and stuff. If there’s a boom or something and I want to see what it was quickly, having a widget on my home screen that I can click that immediately opens the device of my choice would be amazing. Sure, clicking the wyzecam app, then finding the correct device, then waiting for it to load only takes like 10+ seconds but technology has made us lazy… Help make me lazier


How about Android widgets for bulbs? Even just an on/off toggle widget you can tie to a single bulb or group of bulbs.


I like it! Widgets for everyone!!!


The IFTTT app has widgets that act as a trigger for an applet. I use one to open my garage door. Turning on a light would also be possible.

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I know. I have IFTTT widgets set right now but Wyze ones would work so much faster.

the ifttt implementation is pretty poor too, the layout is very expensive for screenspace.

People in my house come and go often and not on a set schedule so turning on and of notifications happens a lot. It would be nice to have a widget that would let you toggle back and forth (maybe on and off too?). I’ve added shortcuts to the app but you still have to open the app to use them. I know there are other ways to set this up but something native to the app is always the cleanest.

Is there a way now or in the foreseeable future that would allow users to add a rule as a widget or shortcut to the homescreen on my android phone?
So instead of opening the wyze app and then pressing the rule shortcut
it would be nice to have the rule shortcut on my homescreen.

I am enjoying my Wyze Cams and Plugs. One simple feature that’d make things handier is if there where a quick way to turn on and off the plugs, and/or the cams without opening the Wyze app. I know Android has this feature called App Shortcuts, and I’d love to see this used to do these things, and maybe even custom shortcuts. Here is a link to the Android developer site on App Shortcuts. A widget with on and off buttons would work too.

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Basically you could execute any shortcut, like I’m Away or I’m Home with a widget on your home screen without having to open the app.

I’d like to see the rules buttons I have in the Wyze app able to be accessed from my homescreen so I remember to turn the “I’m away” rule I have on for notifications! a widget for rules would solve this problem!
I’m not sure about iOS but maybe their control center has room for buttons