Phone screen suddenly goes to sleep while watching live feed

Thanks, ThreeTen! This sounds like the bug we’re testing a fix for. We appreciate your help! :slight_smile:

I have the same problem. I sent email to Wyze Support, but no response yet and, obviously, no solution.

I just heard back that a new app version is being targeted for next week to address this issue…

Also, I am ~not~ experiencing the issue when watching a Group of cameras, only when working in single camera view.

So a temporary work-around for continuously watching a live feed is to watch from the Group View.

You can even create a one camera Group and watch that one camera fullscreen with the device in landscape mode - just don’t tap the screen to go into the single camera view. The resolution won’t be as quite good as single camera view, especially the timestamp numbers, but the screen won’t go to sleep on you either! :slightly_smiling_face:


Sodcam, thank you for the advise. It works!

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I use my pan cam rather backwards. I’m a caregiver whose charge is always asking where I am. The pan is in the kitchen and I have 7 " tab next to my charge upstairs. He can see me there. It was fine for 2 weeks: app stayed open on the tab all day. Now it closes after a few minutes. Frustrating isn’t the word!

I’ve checked all settings and changed nothing. It isn’t the tab either. Any help?

This is a bug in the current version of the software app which should be fixed in the next version which should be released within a week or so.

Meanwhile you can create a Group and add your one pan camera to that group and then have your charge watch you in group view and the screen should not go to sleep. In other words, tap once to select the group, which will show the one camera (in full screen landscape if rotation is enabled) but do ~not~ tap a second time to select that camera feed. One visual clue will be that the timestamp will be slightly blurrier in the group view and the screen will not sleep.

Same issue here on my android but not iPhone. Also use the camera as a baby monitor so I prefer it to stay on continuously !

I just updated to the new firmware and don’t think it resolved the issue. Any one have leads on a new ETA? Thanks!

I also still have the issue, and all updates have been done. Sent in a ticket. Viewing on a google nest hub, still times out after 10 mins. Trying to use it as a baby monitor so I’m incredibly frustrated! Might return the wyzes for a nest cam. The price is worth fixing the frustration :sob:

I’m also having the problem. Galaxy S9 plus on Android 9. app version 2.4.24. Wyze Ticket 264017