Pet, Package, and Vehicle Detection as well as Facial Recognition Coming to Cam Plus

Go to the support page on your PC and chat, bottom right hand corner.

It can’t be chat though. Sorry so I guess tough luck on me? It has to be email because of my mother. Only options given are chat or phone

The only thing I got from their CS a month ago about the same issue I’m having now is how to do the events on my SD card. That is not why I"m paying a monthly subscription fee. I really wanted to test this new feature but if they cant get rid of the fail to upload or missing fragment errors, pet detection is going to be a flop. Yet I’m not getting any response to this issue. I feel it’s a slap in the face telling me to view on my SD card when I’m paying close to $2 a cam for the service.

If you type out or copy/paste your request in chat (whatever you would have typed in e-mail) and provide your e-mail address for their reply, wouldn’t that work? It doesn’t necessarily have to be interactive…

I tried that but no until I get a live agent I can’t type out a lot. You can only do chat or phone. I don’t see how they can just reply in email from there. Maybe someone knows better but I really am ready to get rid of all my Wyze products because of the lack of support on this service. Especially when they want people to test the other features

Just have it waiting in your copy/paste buffer. Check from time to time. When you notice someone responded (and it hasn’t timed out the session or anything) paste it in (e.g., with Ctrl-V) and walk away. Not great but better than nothing…

To be clear, I’m saying type out your message first - in e-mail, Notepad, Word, whatever - and copy the text first.

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If you have submitted a ticket with Wyze Support and have not received a reply please post back with your ticket number and I will see what I can do to get some attention to it.

I submitted a ticket last week but didn’t even get the automated response so I have no ticket number on this. Which is one of the issues. And I’m seeing here on support that there is no option now to email, just chat or phone.

“Chat” on the computer means typing your issues. So, you will not be tying up your phone line in case your mom needs you. I hope this helps.

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Sorry for not being clear. I cannot do chat. I live with Mom but the last time I left chat because Mom needed me I got told by Wyze to not do that anymore. Hence the reason for wanting email. I know I didn’t mention that earlier. Gwendolyn said they;ll be bringing email support back for those of us who prefer that.

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Can this be used on the WCO ? Will there be an option to add cam plus to the WCO?


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I’m on phone now but again I think the fail to upload errors as well as the 4 second event clips need to be addressed first before introducing the above. I know it’s not just me as I’ve seen lots of people post same issues in the facebook group. Also a lot of times the events fail to even upload to the cloud like one of my cams would not upload to the cloud for 10 hours but the other cams pointing at same thing did.

I get it now, I hope they can do the email support for you. I prefer it at certain times but, it’s not necessary like in your situation. Good luck!

Ok well tech and I have been taking care of this for some time and here is what we noticed (for those who also have issues but not commenting). First the 3 to 4 second clips are because of sensitvity settings. Try lowering the sensitivity a bit until you get it to where the Cam Plus works great but no more 5 second clips. If you have your sensitivity at 100 and get a 4 second clip there isn’t a glitch. It’s picking up movement like it should even if for up to 5 seconds. The cloud though can’t handle that small of a clip to send back to our events and so that’s where we get the fail to upload error.

The recent issue of the cam not uploading at all is because of the server issues this week. Some people and some cams were affected but not all. All of my missing events from this past week are now back and the 3 to 4 second clips are gone.

Editing to add that about the not uploading at all I mean the cam stopped recording any event no matter how long or how short to the cloud. Yes I am aware there were errors but at least it uploaded something. Sorry was just trying to help :frowning:

Lol, he must be fired. I now understand why Wyze is recruiting

And the weeks before…and before… For sure it is servers issues but telling that it is only this week?? It pisses me off to read nonsense like that.

I mean the entire clip. My recent issue the past few days was that nothing from my one cam would record to the cloud while the other cams did. I’m sorry I thought you were still following my other thread. Up til the other day even with errors the cam was at least uploading something to the cloud. But the other night this cam stopped recording to the cloud and would not record to the cloud again until I did something to fiddle with it.

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I try but you have so many issue with CamPlus. I’m talking about the 3-4 secs clips in CamPlus and the Failed to upload event.

As @WyzeKyle is no longer working on this error, I don’t know if anyone else has taken his place.

I should do as usual … don’t care because it happens between 5-10% of clips. It’s better for my mood and my heart :thinking:

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Can anyone give me more information about the “Event Insights and Summary (coming soon)” feature listed on the Cam Plus features?

Is this going to include some helpful timeline tagging or better highlighting of activity?

But isn’t that the point of me posting. I mentioned this still in another thread. If I who has constant problems have found a solution to fix those issues then maybe, just maybe it could work for others. Which once again drives home my thoughts that tech stupid people like myself should also be allowed to beta test without being made to feel like we’re imposing on the community by doing so. If I was tech savvy I would be using a $500 system. As it stands, I like a lot of others use Wyze because it is basically a $20 plug and play. Is it ideal solution? No it isn’t. But it did resolve my many issues with Cam Plus. And yes, lowering the sensitivity did get rid of the 3 to 4 second clips and I wanted to share that as well with people that may be as tech challenged as I am (if there are any). Once I lowered the sensitivity the short clips disappeared and the fail to upload errors disappeared. I’m sorry if that doesn’t work for you.