Pet, Package, and Vehicle Detection as well as Facial Recognition Coming to Cam Plus

You and me both! I have 4 cats and we also get racoons walking through my property every day. I love the pet detection.

When are you guys going to combine the pancam and v3? I am waiting on a movable outdoor cam with the newer camera. The v3 is really sharp and even in near darkness gives a great night time picture/video! Iam half tempted to gut one of each to hodgepodge a faux 4!!!

So, they posted an update about the pet detection issue and AI in general. You should go read the full post:

The part about pet detection, they said this:

I tried that and it didn’t fix anything (and posted that it didn’t change anything), but you should try it too, and report back in there if it worked for you or even if it didn’t. He’s indicating we should be able to use Pet detection.

Interesting…I also tried, but no luck for me as well.

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Will you post that in the other thread there so that he reads it and knows that it doesn’t fix our problem and it’s not just an isolated case?