Pet / child locator or tracker (GPS)

I know this isn’t top of the heap but I’d really like this included down the road. I’d certainly buy one because I trust your products. I hope many others agree.

Request for a portable GPS tracker that can be attached to clothing, a bag, a child, pet, with real-time alerts/tracking, geo-fencing, etc. and battery life that lasts up to a week, notifying you when it’s down to 10% or something. Audio monitoring would be nice, too.

And no monthly fees.

What @Dave.s said!

Yes! I’m currently trying to find one that I can put on my 83 yr old mothers car. My husband said don’t them folks from the camera on the fridge have that option? I said no if they did I’d have it already! Please think about doing a gps tracking device…one time purchase no fee.

you can tracker with a google phone.
I just show mine dad about it and it will email him that I use mine computer.
Mint mobile has a cheap cell plan and slip a cellphone in her car. just turn off the ringer
There is obd gps plugs that slip obd plug and she will never know.
Become a Ham radio person then you can use and it is free to use.

I hope this helps. All you doing is piece of mind if something happens.
Not is free because you using cell sites.

here is a odb tracker that turn on when the car key is on for 8 dollars month. If you go with this is put a note on it to tell the machinic say check where mom I at only don’t tell her about it