Pervert caught

That could be true. They are welcome to follow my suggestion or voice otherwise. I simply stated my opinion, same as you have.

Absolutely. :slight_smile:

It’s clearly legal, police release videos and stills all the time to help public identify the perps. If it was illegal, that would not be allowed.

That being said, this argument doesn’t mean the OP has to show the video. If you don’t believe the OP, I encourage you to read my thread from November that wyze cam caught my cousin’s murderer. That has pics posted. So I 100% believe the OP as I lived a similar scenario.


I remember that. Recommended.


Perhaps the creepy, creeping creepo was simply looking for a Baloney Sandwich. Either that or he was looking for some soft, luxurious, material to create a makeshift Covid-Mask with. Good thing you caught him when you did. There could have been more fingers going than a frickin cookie jar.

Hmm, a year later and no video.
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