Person Detection Update: A New Experiment for Premium Features

As Customer said, the detection zone is 100% local on the camera to determine when something is a qualified “event” from motion there; and PD AI processing is done 100% in the cloud on the ENTIRE video (it doesn’t know about detection zones).

It means you had some motion inside your detection zone (maybe a leaf blowing, or plant moving, or a light), so it uploaded an event to the cloud to analyze, and the AI detected a person somewhere on the video.

I have other companies’ cameras and most work quite similarly (any motion in the zone triggers analysis of the entire picture), so this is fairly normal.

If you want the AI to ignore certain areas too, you can try to physically block them from being recorded such as putting something partially over the lens on that side, or put up cardboard on the side, similar to the blinders they use for horses to block their view. Or rearrange your cam to not cover those areas you don’t want in view.

I have otherwise found that the detection zone works quite well

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I pointed this out back in September when Wyze discovered they were spending money on Person Detection and wanted us to pay for it.
The zones do work as far as eliminating motion detection. I had to block out a driveway marker. A small pole we put up to let snow removal people know where the edge of the driveway is.

Why does the company release firmware/software with so many obvious bugs?? Is QA fictional at Wyze?? It sort of appears that the customer base is being used as a test bin which inturn makes Wyze ‘Reactive vice Proactive’ as they address problems they deem worthy of their time… Just wondering what thinking process is involved.

I’m sorry, I’ve fallen very behind and am trying to catch up around here.

The lock is supposed to be for folks that don’t have Cam Plus or the legacy Person Detection to show that there’s an optional feature that they don’t have. I’ve seen some reports of it being applied when it shouldn’t be and have been sending those to the team.