Person Detection Update: A New Experiment for Premium Features

Don’t know. I’m still safely using an ancient Android app version myself and never personally experienced the bug. :slight_smile:

Edit: even on my iOS app the big Person button is working.

Thanks, you’re right, it does work by doing it that way. Weird that they’d lock it up on the main events page but allow it through the funnel icon (at the very bottom after all my devices and group options).

Also, if selected this way, the lock icon disappears and just shows person highlighted, but you can’t disable it from the main page still, you have to go back to the funnel icon to switch person filtering off again.

Well, at least it works, that’s the main thing, though it will be very confusing for most people.

Yes, they should definitely add a filter by automation option.

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The lock icon is still there it’s just the same color as the button. Excellant programming choice. :slightly_smiling_face:
You can tell it’s there because the word Person is offset to the right, not centered like Motion.


Okay but this thread is about a person detection option that is not available with that model.

Re: WCO Person detection not working

You are right…although, it works for me on my WCO with this “Name your price” PD service…

Not complaining…they clearly told everyone it was just for Pan Cam and V2’s…but I love that it’s been working on my WCO anyway (Alexa even announces every time my WCO detects a person).

I expect it’s a “bug” they will correct later, and I won’t be upset about it if I lose it.

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These days, anything is possible!! LOL

  1. Hey, have you seen our remote vacuum cleaner??? /s
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I contacted Support (twice) before the deadline to sign up for Cam Plus. My question was will Person Detection work with my two version 1 cams? Support never responded, and then the deadline passed. I still don’t know the answer. Annoyed that my requests slipped through the cracks.

Apparently not. It was advertised as supporting V2 and Pan Cam specifically. If you signed up, give it a try.

I signed up for it during Beta…and it seemed to work, but I wanted confirmation. I didn’t want to pay for a service that would require that I replace perfectly working cameras. Support never responded to my queries.

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There was no deadline for CAM Plus, as far as I know.
Person Detection (Pilot) and CAM Plus are not the same product. PD (P9lot) on it’s own was only available to users that signed up before Nov 2019.
I believe PD (Pilot) does work with V1 cameras.

Support responds to about 50% of my questions. I guess if they don’'t know the answer they pretend they never saw the question. :slightly_smiling_face:


It appears that ‘fixing support’ should be elevated in priority

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Here’s an update to the issue of Wyze Cams not being recognized as PD capable by Alexa.

I signed up for 1 license of Cam Plus as Wyze has basically failed to address any issues with PD program, and implied it is simply an issue with Amazon, and that i should pursue the issue there.

After a three way call with Amazon , Wyze, and myself with nothing being resolved. i waited for Wyze to follow up. In the interim, i pursued proof of the core issue. i purchased a single Cam Plus license, and assigned to one of the six cams, All other five cams remain on the PD program.

NO ISSUES WITH PD BEING DROPPED on the single cam assigned to Cam Plus, all others on the PD program, fail to be seen as PD capable.

Wyze followed up two days ago, ran RouteThis tests, confirmed there are NO issues with my network config. I advised my verification of the issue to be on any PD program cams, and that Cam Plus is 100% recognized as PD capable.

Wyze has indicated that this will be escalated to their engineers…

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I assume when you say CMC you mean Cam Plus?
I have 8 cameras. The 4 that don’t have Person Detection Announcement in Alexa are the same 4 that have Person Detection (Pilot) enable in Wyze, and vice-versa.
So 4 cameras do have Person Detection Announcement available but those 4 cameras haven’t got PD enabled in Wyze so it’s useless in Alexa.

It’s just ridiculous how many little things don’t work right witrh Wyze but we can’t even get them to acknowledge it let alone fix it.
ie: The Person filter button being locked in the Events tab for people with Person Detection (Pilot). Is this a mistake or by design? I’ve sent two emails to support and tagged @WyzeGwendolyn twice (three times now) trying to get an answer, with no response from anyone.

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I noticed this on one of my cams last week. I did some mild troubleshooting and figured I’d try again later. After your post I was both curious if it’s still an issue, and thought I’d see if it was just that cam or others too (I knew some worked for sure, because I use several for Alexa Routine triggers and Person Detection Announcements).

I just checked mine for you. Of my 9 cams, 6 will allow PD events to be used as Alexa Routine Triggers, and 3 will not.

I cannot figure out why. All the settings are basically identical. PD is active on all of them, I get PD labels or notification alerts on them. Alexa just doesn’t allow Person Detection triggers on them, nor the “Person Detection Announcements” option on the device settings page.

No idea why when I’m getting Person Detection functionality on all of those devices through Wyze directly…so it is definitely active, but I thought I’d let you know that it’s not just you.

Things I would try if I was really concerned (and didn’t want to have to reorganize 50+ devices again): disconnect the Wyze Skill from Alexa, wait a while and then reconnect it and see if Alexa fixes the issue with a full update like that. On a smaller scale, you can delete a single device from Alexa, then later tell Alexa to search for new devices and see if that fixes it. Lastly, you could delete it from Wyze, AND ALEXA, set it back up in the Wyze App (maybe with a slightly different name) and then see if Alexa grabs the right info this time. Lastly, you could delete all the cams, remove the Wyze Alexa skill, set them all back up, re-add the Wyze Alexa Skill.

I would try some of those options, and maybe I will do so at some point. None of the cams it’s not working on are too critical for that functionality, so I haven’t been too frustrated to the point where I really wanted it fixed badly…but if it was my main cams, that’s what I’d do, maybe not in the order they were written, but those are the options I’d try and suggest. Not optimal, but if you really want to fix it and Wyze and Amazon are lost on what to do, those are some your can try that have potential.

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I’ve tried all of your suggestions except deleting all cameras from the Wyze app.
It made no difference in my case.

Interesting. Thanks for sharing. I guess I won’t bother trying most of those then. I wonder what the issue is. I mean our cams are all using the same firmware and server and settings and everything. Why the inconsistency between devices? That is very weird. Both companies blaming each other for being the problem with it.

The new Detection Zone Grid …


This is a great idea … EXCEPT it’s would seem, according to my observations, that it’s not connected into the detection algorithm. In other words the Person Detection detects people in the unselected masked areas of the zone.

Which brings me to another problem:
The detection mask does not work with the SD card recording. This is since edge PD was taken away. Therefore SD card records on all movement inside and outside the mask.

Therefore for those who choose to use the SD card and not the cloud or the SD and the cloud there IS a need for dual masks. The original mask for SD recording and the new grid-mask for cloud PD. The mask for the SD recording needs to be on the camera and the mask for the cloud PD off the camera.

Right but as you noticed what has been previously observed / explained is that person detection takes place only AFTER the clip has been uploaded and does NOT respect the mask - people have reported humans detected well outside the mask zone. The mask just determines the first stage, whether a motion event is captured. This is apparently as they intend it at the moment - I imagine the PD algorithm has NO knowledge of the individual account/camera mask. It just churns away at every file it’s given. And as far as I know there were never local SD indications of PD events?

As to the Alexa PD weirdness I sure hope they fix it for everyone. Mine has been continuing to work great lately.


My conclusions from my observations

I edited this because after more testing with the one camera I have here I found I was wrong. All my other cameras are elsewhere where and 3 of them no longer work.

All I can say I is that with the mask only used on the camera and not for person detection in the cloud it is pretty useless.

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