Person Detection Update: A New Experiment for Premium Features

No not at all. The Eufy cameras are still in beta and Eufy has committed to a more complete adherence in future versions.

In the meantime the just released Eve camera and recently released Logitech Circle View are both true HomeKit cameras and function perfectly disconnected. They cost more but I expected that. If you want top of the line functionality and privacy in today’s world you pay for it.

And if Eufy gets the HomeKit functionality squared away those cameras will be very acceptable as well.

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I understand the need to cover cloud and detection expenses. I would also love to see a more private setup of the Wyze products (no cloud; all at home).
Perhaps a solution would be to have a hub for the house that did everything the cloud does now. No monthly fee, just a one time fee to purchase the hub.
Alternatively as suggested, have something on a PC do this .


I called Wyze and canceled my Outdoor cam order , Refunded came same day .


More like “free” trapp.

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I’m confused. I currently have person detection but I’ve never signed up for any sort of beta testing… what’s the deal?

I am willing to donate monthly. Just keep us updated on when and how.

Are you running beta versions of the App and Firmware?
If so you are a test Pilot of Person Detection.

If you have the old firmware with the xnor feature you have PD on old and new apps.

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Why not try both? Have a desktop component for person detect which would be free and a cloud based component that could be paid for. I personally, would go for the desktop component as it should be faster.

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I only ever upgraded firmware that was pushed to me. Never requested beta anything. So I don’t know how I would’ve gotten beta firmware.
When the news about the old person detection being dropped I intentionally didn’t upgrade the firmware so that I could keep using it. Then when I saw news on here that sounded like wyze person detection was now live (probably was referring to beta but I didn’t see that mentioned), I allowed the next firmware push to update my cameras. But again, I never signed up for a beta or was contacted about anything beta.


My firmware was updated. That logo at the bottom of the screen went away after that. Also haven’t been pushed a firmware update recently, so I should be on the latest. Back when I had purposely not upgraded I was prompted every time I opened the live feed.

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No point - just remembering the good old days of free Edge AI


Wait, the cameras can detect old people? That would be very useful. :wink:

Seriously, you probably should have kept retaining the old firmware. It still works. If you still have PD with new firmware and new app, and you are not in beta program, then you may have accidentally discovered some kind of loophole?


Check your firmware on all your cameras.
If you have later than then you are on cloud based PD.

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How do you know you have person detection?
Are you able to turn it on/off in Account -> Subscriptions?
Do you have Person under Notifications in the camera settings?
What is the version number of the app, Account -> About?

Is that enough questions? :grin:


Not at all. You forgot:

  1. Do you see a filter for Person events on the Events tab?

  1. Do you see recorded events with a cute little person icon?


(So apparently these cameras detect both old persons and cute little persons. They never stop surprising.)


And for iPadOS the person selection is hidden away and is selected from a silly little icon located at the top of the page which opens a FILTER PAGE where you can select this.

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The beta Android versions are like that too.
I think the latest release of all versions are that way.

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You cost them whatever it costs in CPU hours to analyze every single motion event captured by the camera(s) - the 20 detections would cost the same as every other 12 second clip without detections.

Simple Math Example:
1 camera
50 move events captured a day = 600 seconds (10 minutes) of video to process a day
Let’s be super nice and say it takes 1 “compute minute” of AWS time to process 60 seconds of video
Your camera costs 10 min of compute a day at AWS - at somewhere around 20 cents an hour, the camera in this example costs 3-4 cents per day, or $12-$13/yr

Lots of assumptions above for sure, only Wyze knows the specifics, but that should give you a ballpark idea of the potential costs.


A concrete example sure brings things into focus quickly!

So, 1.3 million grandfathered customers at the unlikely minimum of one camera per customer quickly leads to a $15M-$17M /yr minimum cost that Wyze needs to cover if they stick with cloud AI and inefficient event filtering at the camera level?