Person Detection Update: A New Experiment for Premium Features

Ha ha! I know - it happened to me too. I waited till the last day as I really did not want to pay for something which was free at one time. So, I tried to enter $0.00 and it wouldn’t take it! Anyway, after a couple of tries playing around it finally took it.
Of course, I was ticked off this morning when I got a message saying I was not subscribed. After reading a post here about checking my subscription using the Wyze app, I see that I am subscribed. This is not good at all, sorry.

I got the same email. Went back to the site and entered the “custom” $ 0.00 option. The site wants my credit card info anyhow. Why is that?

I’m giving them .50 a month.
Because what was sold to me works 50% of the time.
A bird is not a person a cat is not a person. Amazon guy is a PERSON and not motion.
I get 8 second video clips instead of 12.
I have submitted multiple videos to help their AI.
Hours long lapses in video capturing content. My husband literally takes out the recycling ( person, motion) and it doesn’t register. I see his car lights in rear light up. After he walks the trash to the curb (PERSON; MOTION)
Lucky you got .50
I bought at pack of 2 on amazon. I wouldn’t install or give the other cam away for free even.
You want more bucks fix it


Wow, forums looks so much different!! Been awhile. It’s been almost 2 years and I still cannot get any of my pan cams to work correctly with SD cards. Oh they will buzz and spin, whistle and sometimes scream right before shutting down. Tried again today with updating all my outdoor cams (that took 4.5hours) no luck. I was just told some of the older pan cams had a bad card slots…but not every single cam I have ordered and bought at the depot over the last few years could have bad slots. A lot more from HD then site, I’m impatient. All the properties now total 39 outdoor and 13 home and office on private hubs I think all but a few. They are on different brand hubs too. So can’t be my hubs. I’m lost. I sent a ticket into support April but no answer, which is fine, I understand, but winter coming I need to get this done ASAP. And I am not spending $15 per cam. As most of the properties Don’t have WiFi access anyways. Please and thanks, sorry I been too busy to be bragging on here lately. Is this even the same forum?

Every single Wyze cam I have still works as good as day one, never stopped working regardless of weather (other factor of course have interrupted function, but fire right back up) FYI for anyone wondering about Wyze cams and their expiration date. I will be back if that changes. Good luck and stay safe all.

Wyze should look into this cutting edge solution.

I read this article recently about a new way to do AI learning that takes hardly any data input:

Doing something this way could potentially allow PD and any other detection for that matter to be done without huge computational dataset foundations. Instead of continually basing everything off thousands or millions of sample videos, the AI can be trained in this manner with very few examples.

I’m not saying it is something EASY or whatever right now, but they’ve demonstrated that it is possible to have AI detection work effectively (locally or on the cloud) without needing tons of data and computational resources. Wyze recently bragged in their Headphone video that they have a bunch of super smart PhD employees. Maybe someone can understand this enough to make use of it and save Wyze from having such huge expenses.

I am nowhere near that field but the article set off my low level BS detectors. All they have accomplished is pre- processing the training data. The “distilled” number set is ridiculous - it’s a QRC like “image” obviously chock full of data. That’s not training an AI engine, it’s a program with compressed storage.

I may be off base but this quote from the article summarizes it.

Data distillation, which works for designing soft-labeled examples for neural networks, also has a major disadvantage: it requires you to start with a giant data set in order to shrink it down to something more efficient.

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They tricked many people in the process as they made harder for you to successfully do $0 in case you felt that what it was worth. It took me some time to figure it out and I didn’t pay more than $0 for a service that is not reliable


I completely agree with you but I think you were very generous giving the $0.50 cents… As you said a delivery guy IS A PERSON and not just motion… The stupid detection catches motion but not what it is supposed to and the yet random other objects set it off… This should ALWAYS REMAIN A FREE pilot service concidering that it doesn’t actually DETECT a person 100% of the time… I’m not going to tip the pizza delivery guy for delivering my pizza to the house across the street or something… If he doesn’t get it right 100%!!! Of the time EVERY TIME I order pizza then why does that deserve to be paid for PERIOD!

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What exactly are you referring to? In this post?

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The post directly above/before his.

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He is referring to this post.

Yes, I did the same, waited and decided that one of the reasons I bought them was the “Free” Person detection. I entered $0.00 as my price; and same like you VaidyS… :frowning: I don’t get it any longer. But hay I still get all the motion detection of headlight at night, at least now it doesn’t say “Person” with the alert.

They said they would be flexible. You could contact support to get back in at $0…

Is person detection only for US customers? I’m in Canada and I’ve been checking for weeks in the services section on website and in the Android app but my only option is CamPlus. I don’t have a need for CamPlus, I wish to get only person detection. I even got a free voucher for it in a pack of 2 … which I have not activated yet.

Stand alone Person Detection is only available to people that had Wyze accounts before Nov. 2019. Both US and Canada. It’s a long story.
The only option for newer customers is Cam Plus.
I suspect it’s only a matter of time before the old Person Detection is killed off.


If they follow their past actions it probably will


Right?!.. I hope not…

But I would think so as well since I would venture to say that most people aren’t contributing high dollar amounts (nor have the disposable income to do so) towards Person Detection at its current state of functionality and reliability.

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The fact that Wyze extended the deadline does not bode well for a great acceptance rate. If I had to guess PD goes away or is renamed PD+ or something with a per month fee.