Person Detection Now Locked

Ahhh… I got ya. Thanks.

Wyze… what’s up with that? Bug?

As I said, i’ve asked Wyze in two ways, they haven’t answered at all.

Hey Angus, is your person filter working? I just checked mine and it’s working again. I just opted back into the beta program but didn’t install the beta. I noticed it’s unlocked again. I was in the beta for years but I lost all my devices in the app last week and quickly opted out to install the latest stable release. I’m not sure if you were in the beta but you could give that a try. None of the sensors are working still… but at least person filter is back.

Mine is locked also and honestly I learned to never rely on these cameras for that particular service as they are extremely erratic, therefore i would never upgrade to cam plus.
For me the hype is long gone bye bye.

Yes, mine is still locked.
I am using beta version 4.15.23.

I’m currently on 2.15.21.

I’ll flag @WyzeShawn for this. I apologize for my delay! I fell way more behind than I like to.


Hey all, thanks for sending this over. There is another cause of this bug we identified and we’re in the early stage testing it.

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Thanks Shawn. Let us know if you need testers. :slight_smile: