Person detection in Cam Plus

When u say releasing cam plus, so does that mean new camera . Thats a concern I have,because I purchased cam pan few days back.

CamPlus is a new subscription service from Wyze that has CMC (Complete Motion Capture) and PD (Person Detection). It is available now for beta testers and later this month for all Wyze users.

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As far as I am concerned person section has been fantastic and accurate with exception to 2 wonky days last week where I had a few false detections from spider webs. I though it was very odd since they always trigger as simple mission and I submitted them as well.

I get nearly daily alerts when the sun comes up and the shadow from my flag moves on my driveway. It usually tags it as a person. Other than that it has been quite accurate.

I would safely say option B

Completely misses delivery people most of the time unless they walk slowly or stop walking to snap picture of delivery. Using 2 Pan Cams outside for driveway and front door.

After updating the latest version today I see there is an issue. I am adjusting the camera at certain position but it is not staying at that position. It faces down.

I have the same issue on 2 of my cam pans that are used outdoors and protected from the elements.

Check to see if a Detection Zone has been set.
Other’s are finding that to be the problem.

Tried to reply. I am a member of the Beta. My response is “B. It fails to detect people sometimes.” This happens mostly on deliveries.

Most times accurate, but mine goes off a lot on headlights from passing cars shinning in my detection zones. Animals I can see, but headlight reflections?

I agree with you
Mine sets off with light changes

Thanks. Atleast I know it’s just not mine. Headlights confused for “Person” I dont get how.

i actually get sunlight changes on my back patio that sets off this feature, too.

I use Person Detection on only 2 of my 14 Cams. The one that watches the front door seems to be accurate but the one watching out my side window daily reports a person when there isn’t anyone in the frame. This happens both day and night but mostly at night.

Although I’m in the Bata program (I’ve been using Person Detection since its return) I can not vote. Perhaps I just thought I was part of Bata.

It’s been 100% accurate.

The birds are confuse with person all the time .

So far they have been pretty good figuring out the bugs, I hope they are working on this one. Overall I am satisfied for the quality and functions of the inexpensive camera system, it fits my needs.

Still using the firmware, works great!! :slight_smile:

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For all videos marked as having a person present, there was one. My irritation here is the same as everywhere, really. The motion (or person) is noticed well in to the event. So, while there is a person in the video, it is not the first time they came into frame. And, it has nothing to do with cool-down.