Person detection for cameras I bought for my Mom

So I’ve been a longtime Beta user with several cameras, etc and am getting the grandfathered Person detection name-your-price deal. I bought two cameras for my Mom to install at her house and just found out she never set them up. Soooo I just did it for her, and installed the Beta app on her phone so she could get the Name-Your-Price deal as well.
Well, she’s in the 14 days free trial now and thus it will expire after the Name-Your-Price deal is over as well. What should I do? I really don’t want to install them on my account and have to manage it for her, but I guess I can if I have to.

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The 14 day CamPlus trial has nothing to do with the free / name our price Person Detection offer. That’s based on account age - if she’s using an account that was just created, she’s not entitled to it. However, you can take your case to Wyze support and they may do you a favor.

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You probably don’t want cam plus on any of your cameras! That feature makes it impossible most of the time to view the clips for hours to days if ever You will receive a long list of different error codes, even that the camera isn’t connected although you can go back and view it live just fine. I have just spent hours of my Saturday afternoon again trying to view and the app closes cost forcing another 5 minutes of scrolling to the morning. I’m not even going to get into it all, it’s nearly infuriating.

Is your Mother’s WYZE account older than Nov. 2019 or did you just set it up when you set up the cameras?
You gone into her account settings on the WYZE site and signed up for Person Detection? Not Cam Plus, PD.

So I called Wyze, waited 30min on hold, and then they told me I was just straight up out of luck. Oh well, will be returning the cameras to amazon.

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You said you installed the beta app on your Mother’s phone. Did you enroll her in the beta program or is she signed in under your account?

Sounds like her own. In his first post it’s implied that he set up her own account, knows it will work if they’re on his account, but doesn’t want to do that.

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Just wondered why he would put his Mother on the beta app. Not a great ides for inexperienced users.
Unless he thought PD was going to be included.

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Hmm, no idea. Maybe he thought beta meant free PD (as opposed to pre-11/19 meaning free PD).

Right, I thought since I bought them way back before that date they would make an exception for this case. The main reason for all this is my Mom doesn’t want to pay a monthly bill for service, yet the only reason I got them for her was so she could have PD with them since she lives alone in the country now.

Well… if you’re determined to have separate accounts and you want hers to be free, you could always swap accounts and reassign the cameras… :wink:

Also with decent tuning maybe the regular (still free for all) motion detection would suffice for her.

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Could you add the cameras on your account and share them with her account? Put them in a group in your account, call it “mom”. Just not sure if you can turn off notifications on your end but still have the person you shared the cam with receive them.

I think that would work as long as the notifications can be set up that way.

Do consider this, I use Person Detection on Eufy cameras which in my experience is FAR more accurate and reliable than Person Detection provided by Wyze. And even with that I still get the occasional squirrel interpreted as a “Person”.

Point I am making is unless you are paying for a MUCH more expensive system Person Detection is not incredibly accurate or consistent. You and your Mom might be better served by Cam Plus or whatever they are calling it.

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Rbruce is right. And I should have said above that complete motion capture clips are often impossible to view instead of cam plus/person det only. Person detection is often triggered by my dog or trees or the clips are not labeled as a person detected when a person walks by the camera, The notification may just say motion detected. Person detection is just not ready for your mom to completely depend on getting a notification that says person detected. And it seems person detection will record more than 12 seconds like complete motion capture. I’ve definitely found anything additional to the 12-sec basic recording renders viewing the clips at a much later time, if ever.

However, the V2 is great at detecting motion by a person. She would just have to view the clip to see what the motion was. But again, if it’s more than the basic 12-second clip that comes with the camera or complete motion capture is enabled, which you probably won’t have since it’s a costly service, the clips may not be uploaded or viewable with some myriad of error codes for a couple days, if ever. Honestly I wouldn’t trust any security camera to be 100% reliable that a person was detected and would let her keep the V2 because of its sensitivity to motion.


Yeah, I may try that before returning them.

Gotcha, so yeah, considering just going with whatever the Amazon cameras are for her instead since she has Prime.

They get good reviews. It’s been a long time since I tried one though.

Honestly, PD is not as useful as it should be. I would not rely on it at all. Your Mom would soon be turning off the notifications. :slightly_smiling_face:

Mileage may vary. Together with Alexa I find it very useful.

Quite disappointed that the other camera I bought has lousy Alexa integration. Forget about Wyze’s cool PD announcements, HeimLink can’t even show a camera feed via Alexa.

Also, sort of differing with rbruce, as far as I understand the free PD accuracy should be identical to the CamPlus PD accuracy?

I was not referring to the accuracy but rather saying go with the longer videos with no cool down as that seemed to be what was important to his Mom. The PD is indeed identical between the two.

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