Person detection and notifications

The new Person detection seems to working well, but I think I’ve found a flaw in notifications or maybe I just haven’t tested enough yet. If a person walks up my front porch, I get person detection… Works great. However, if a vehicle drives up in my driveway, I get motion detected notification… Well now motion won’t be detected for another 5 minutes so if a person gets out of the car, I wouldn’t get Person detected… So if I was only receiving notifications for Person detection…I would have never received a notification when someone was actually at my garage.

Am I thinking right here? If Person detection is the only detection I have on for notifications and a vehicle sets off my motion detection…I wouldn’t receive a person detection notification (if they got out of the car) because of the 5 minute detection cool off.

Is that true?


With the way it is currently working that is true, I have seen people ask to only have it record if a person is detected that way you get your first video when they get out of the car, but I don’t know if that is on the wishlist yet

I think your conclusions Re cool down and missing a person detection are correct. But, this feature of detecting only people does have an application: consider a camera facing an entry door which triggers frequently on the neighbor’s cat walking nearby or splashes of sunlight, each of which trigger events. If that one camera could be set to trigger people only, the number of events sent to the cloud and for the user to review could be reduced significantly.

I think it is a good idea to be able to set it to only record on person events. Just need to get it on the wishlist so it can be voted on and hopefully added.


I noticed the exact same issue today and was coming here to post it and found your post.
My roommate came home drove up the driveway, came out picked up a package the mail man left in front of our garage, went back to the car drove into the garage and got out. I had two cams one outside of garage one inside garage, both of them got the car motion clips and none of them notified me about her getting out of the car walking around the garage… I love the person detection feature very much, but this needs to be fixed.

It’s especially problematic if you are only receiving notifications for Person Detection.

That is a current limitation, since it detects the car and goes into cooldown mode before the person exits the car so you never get the person notification

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Look at it like a flag that something has occurred and when. If you are using an sd card and continuous recording you can then easily go there and view the entire event.
Requires an sd card -about $8 on Amazon and will worth it!
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I have the recording to SD card, but the whole point of the detection on camera is to filter locally. With the notifications based filtering as it is, it may as well be done in the cloud