Person detected walking into an area, but not walking out 10 minutes later

How is it possible that a person is seen , detected walking into an area ( walking into the house, or into a room) and the camera never sees that person coming out 10 minutes later.
I would understand if walking out occurred 1 or 2 minutes later , as there may be a delay for the next defections as I have seen on other brands. BUT 10 MINUTES? This lack or recording happens on a regular basis.

Without CamPlus service the “cooldown” blocking period for most Wyze cameras is 5 minutes. I have seen it vary.

Do you have a uSD card installed? If so, can you look at the uSD card recordings to determine if the camera did or did not detect the person? that would help determine if the issue is the camera or the cloud cooldown period. It would also allow you to tell exactly how long of a time period it was.