Permanent Smart Outdoor Christmas Lights

Permanent Smart Outdoor Christmas Lights!

There are NO reasonably cheap and worthy DIY Smart Christmas Light Kits. The current offerings are still very rough or if you purchase thru another vendor, very expensive! Wyze - please help! Happy Holidays

Ideally something similar to:

In the meantime, if all you need is smart power you can add a Wyze Outdoor Plug to your existing Christmas lights (double outlet currently about $17 w/shipping).

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Or you can get elaborate like me:


Holy Cow, lol. Hope you have tolerant neighbors! :joy:

Actually my neighbors love it. That video is from 2014 - my first year with computerized lighting. One of these years I will get more videos shot, edited and posted. Planned on it last year, but got Covid shortly after I get the show fully running, so did not do any serious video shooting…

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Love it. Been going back and forth on what to do. We paid a fortune for smart home lights from Home Depot in 2019. They lasted ONE SEASON - so three months. The next year only a few lights lit up on the string, junk. How much do you put into something like this? I’m always hesitant because of third party dependencies etc, stuff failing not being able to replace etc. Cost for lights, what kind of lights you even use? Probably have to buy/use a pc I’m guessing and/or raspberry pis or something? Then I know I’ve seen in the past various power options people are running wires through the attic etc. You have any builds posted online? I may just have to cave and do something like this. One thing I thought would be super cool, is like to build a giant led matrix board, that has like super mario on it or something, and they could connect to the wifi for it and play the game on it, or just plain build some interactive display where they can draw on it with their finger from their mobile device etc.

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Obviously the arches and tree and lights on the eves are only there for a couple months, but the brick columns, tree rings, roses, and porch steps are year round (and used every night).
Rather than a long discussion here, I will PM you.

I don’t need them to permanent, actually I’d prefer they aren’t. I wish wyze would make Christmas lights, that are color changing and with some basic “programs” for color changing patterns similar to the light strips.

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Just buy color shifting christmas lights and use wyze outdoor to turn on/off.

I think this would be a great idea… whole-house Christmas/Holiday light display in-a-box! Think about all the cool controls a wifi app would enable I’ma system like this… from custom rolling patterns, scheduling, maybe even synch with music, heck an outdoor speaker option even. Think of all the add-on potential to have a base system plus extra sets of lights/etc. This would really be a hot seller especially if partnerships with stores like Home Depot continue to develop. What a great gateway product to attract more foot traffic and eyes on other Wyze products. Anyway, please consider!

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year round permanent holiday lighting / accent lighting.

Year-round LED holiday and accent lighting.

similar to

I love this idea! I am tired of buying these Christmas lights every year and having to replace them. I’ve even tried buying more expensive Christmas lights, then: half the string works, gotta get out the string checking gun, still can’t find the bulb(s) that are out or the wiring issue, throw away the d*%# things and start all over. Wyze: please come to the rescue!