Perching room only

Dad doesn’t know how to feed the chicks but he knows how to bring food to mom.

Here he is bringing a nice tasty live juicy wiggling mealworm to mom so she can feed the chicks. Dad and mom play tug of war a few times.


Maybe they are trying to break it up into bite size chunks for the chicks.


A new egg appeared today.


I can’t tell what color it is. Even if it is a Faberge, I’m not going anywhere near it. Couldn’t find anything on Google searching Bluebird new egg in nest with chicks and other variations. The v3 records 24/7 so I dhould be able to see it being laid.

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It sure looks like a chick laid the egg

From what I know about the birds and the bees, it can’t be an egg. The chicks poop comes out in little baggie type things and mom bluebird removes them from the nest.

But dang that looks like an egg

Further reading -it is a fecal sac.


Mom bluebird is taking a fecal sac out of the nest.

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Large room, with 1 large window, no bathroom or kitchen. Near schools and playground. Great for 2-3 kids. Asking price $$meal worms, cheap must go.



Two chicks are still in the house and flies are all over them.

Saw one chick flailing around on the ground. Mom and dad bluebird were dive bombing me. I think it flew off because by the time my wife came to look it was gone.

All 4 chicks were moving yesterday.


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Was reading upon this. Nature knows not every bird will fledge so that is why there are multiple eggs and multiple broods.

Also read that I should clear the box so when I dumped it in the trash, only 1 dead bird was in the box so its not that bad.

I cleared out the sparrow’s nest from the other bluebird house and put it where the first house was.


We might have a third brood this year.

This is the bluebird house that the sparrow built a nest in. The focus ring should provide a sharper image when the chicks hatch and get closer to the camera.


Kept hearing a siren at times and thought it was the neighbor’s alarm that goes off when a spider moves.

Nope, it was me. When the sparrow made a nest in the other bluebird house, I made a rule to turn the siren on when motion was detected in that bluebird house.

The brood fledged from the first bluebird house, so I cleaned the sparrow’s nest from the second bluebird house and put it where the first bluebird house was. Didn’t remember making the rule so anytime a bluebird entered the house the siren would blare. :weary:

Momma bluebird still managed to make the beginnings of a nest.