Pepe' Le Pew & Friends

The Catacoon must of gotten the hint from General Leopoldus Lézard :rofl:


Kind of James Dean zoomed-in super slo-mo. One cool cat. :slight_smile:

My relocation services were called upon again this morning. No idea why he picked a rainy day. :grin:

Squirrel trapped on a rainy day

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I see squirrels on my fence more often on rainy days, and very windy days. I think they feel safer on rainy days. On windy days they are probably just tired of being sea-sick up in the trees, lol.

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We have to get them before they get us, :rofl:


Should I get my raccoon trap ready?

Pepe’ can go wherever Pepe’ wants as long as it is outside. We do have a dog door that we close off at night.

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Get the combine and butter ready. food