Peephole (Door View) Camera

An adapter is absolutely feasible and would be easy money for wyze. I’ve found some resources and it looks like a DIY solution is completely doable. I’ve ordered another v3 and a 25mm M12 lens. The zoom lens should allow the v3 to look through an already installed peephole normally. I’ll update this thread with my results. Will just require a little disassembly and setting the focus correctly.

As for the cord it’s not hard to just run an extension. Not the cleanest solution. A longer thin USB cable would probably look better.


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Do let us know. I’m interested.

Second v3 came in today. No lens yet but I got a decent CAD model done of the v3…figured I’d share it here. Should be pretty damn dimensionally accurate. I didn’t bother disassembling the camera and doing internal dimensions but maybe I’ll do that later. Just whipped this up so I can 3D print a bracket to affix the camera to standard peephole hardware without needing to put 3M tape on the door that sometimes peels off paint. Tenant conscious… :stuck_out_tongue:

v3 CAD: Fusion

Prototype bracket: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

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Ok got the lens in. Works great without a peephole (that zoom!), but having some issues. There is significant aberration and halo from light sources and bright objects. I also cannot seem to get the image in perfect focus but this might be a side effect of the former. I don’t understand this because when using a cell phone for example, the camera can see perfectly fine through the peephole and has no focus issues. I assume this has something to do with the aperture but am unsure.
As a side note, 25mm is a liiiittle too much zoom. Maybe a 16mm or 20mm.


Can you post an image (on imgur) of what the camera with the mounted lend looks like? And maybe an image to show the aberrations on the resulting images? Typically, the aberrations you describes do happen when the aperture is too large (actually, the problem is a mismatched lens, but a smaller aperture does fix the problem). It’s weird though, because the aperture on my v2 is very very smal, like 1mm, so unless the v3 is different, it shouldn’t be a problem.

It’s also possible that Wyze uses cheap lenses and they apply a software correction in the firmware, so now that you’ve changed the lens system you’d need a different correction.

I just ordered a 16mm so I’ll let you know how it goes. I might order a fisheye and see which works better.

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Sure thing. First image is taken with an iPhone XR through the peephole (cropped), second through the peephole with the 25mm (cropped), third with just the 25mm (uncropped).

I don’t think lens correction is the issue because the image looks fantastic without the peephole. I also just ordered a 16mm. Problem with a fisheye is it can’t be used with an existing peephole, and there’s no way to get the lens far enough forward without mounting the camera outside. I think it might be the poor quality of the peephole…

Edit: no pictures of the camera mounted yet, I haven’t yet printed the mount. Here’s what the lens looks like though. Imgur: The magic of the Internet


The first one (iphone) looks worse than the 2nd one (wyze). But the peephole does seem to destroy the image quality quite badly.

What does it look like when you look with your eye? Better than with the cameras? I think you’re right that the peephole might be the problem.

For the fisheye I was thinking of completely replacing the peephole. I’m in a condo, not a rental, so I can do whatever I want inside, as long as the outside looks the same as the other doors. But I ended up ordering a 16mm and a 8mm, The 8mm will get here first so I’ll try it first.

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I concur, I think the iphone has way better post processing that helps to see what you’re looking at as well as less aberration and bloom, but the wyze is probably a better image just because of the actual zoom lens. (the iphone was digital zoomed all the way and cropped on top of that)
The peephole looks fine with my eye - no aberration or blooming but that’s to be expected. I’m probably gonna order another peephole but not sure if that’ll solve the problem.
Ah that would be ideal to mount in the door! Lmk if you need a bracket printed or anything, I’m happy to do so for material + shipping cost. I’m in an apartment unfortunately. Let me know how the 8mm looks, I’m hoping the 16mm is the sweet spot. Here is an uncropped view with the 25mm. It just seems…idk blurry to me but that’s as sharp as I could get it.


Very impressive work. This site is becoming interesting, again. :smiley:

Thank you sir!

Little update, got the bracket printed. (Pls don’t hate on the shoddy print quality: these are fast settings with no support just to get a functional part) Works as intended, little fine tuning of some geometry and I’d be happy to share the stl if anyone would like. It’s designed for a 14mm shank peephole. No external shots through the camera cuz reasons but here’s what it looks like inside. Definitely need a 16mm lens, the 25 is too much zoom to get the whole view. I need sleep lol.


Received the 8mm lens. Tried it. Doesn’t work. It’s very close to the same FoV as the original Wyze v2 lens. Gonna wait for the 16mm, but the 25mm might be the way to go.

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I got the 16mm in today. I think it’s a little too wide. There’s a sweet spot probably like 20-22mm but I can’t find lenses in that range that aren’t variable zoom. Also the 16mm BARELY threads on to stay in focus.

The peephole seemed to make a little difference. The new one has less aberration but more bloom. Not sure what I’m going to go with yet.

I’m probably going to stay with the 25mm unless I find a 20mm somewhere.


I think I’m just gonna order a 25mm. With a wider FoV, the Wyze is gonna trigger all the time when someone walks anywhere near, and then wait 5 minutes for the next trigger. WIth a narrow FoV, the wyze is still gonna trigger if someone is right in front of my door and take its 10 seconds video, but there will be less of a chance that it happens during the 5 minutes interval between triggers.

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The best picture seems to be original peephole, 25mm.

I like that view. You cover a wide area and can monitor neighbors’ doors as well. If you capture events to SD card, you would get all of the action. Can you set the detection area to trigger just in front of your door or your side of the stairs? You might cut down on some of the stair traffic.

You can set detection zones so it only triggers when people walk in certain area…

Yes, I’ve set it so it only triggers when people walk near my front door. Mostly just wanted to know when packages arrive, etc.

I forgot to share the stl, I’ll try to remember to do that tomorrow.


Very good.

Long White USB cable to hinge and down. (That is if you do or is white, change couple for door :wink:)

Great interest in this topic. Maybe Elon’s Tesla has cameras that will work?

Cheers to all the posters!

TLDR DIY Peephole WyzeCam v3:

For anyone interested in replicating my setup, here is the link for the fusion file. You can download it as an STL and print it or as a Fusion file if you need to make any modifications for your peephole dimensions.

File: Fusion

And the 25mm lens I used: