Pc viewing



Just hooked up cams. Is there no way to monitor on pc? Mobile only?


No, only the Android and iOS apps are supported at this time. I have heard that they are looking into the possibility of providing desktop viewing support.


this method works pretty good. Plus you can view multiple cams at once…


Unfortunately using ios, but thanks.


Ha! Thanks for the tip OMJ, it works ok with multiple instances.


Mobile devices only at the moment, it is something we are looking into, just no timeline currently!


Just wanted to add my request for a desktop app. Would be really handy! Also, are there any plans for a doorbell related camera like Ring? Both of these applications would really work to increase your customer base.

Great product! Really am appreciating mine.


<span style=“color: #000000; font-family: ‘Open Sans’, sans-serif;”>Add my request for a desktop app also</span>


BlueStacks is great. Now able to have all three Wyzecam’s on one laptop screen. Not perfect, sometimes the multiple instances hang but overall an okay solution for my needs. Laptop in use has i7 processor and 8gb memory and works hard to keep it all running but it does work. Recommend powerful PC if running more than one instance. YMMV


Desktop app, please!


Plus One for Web Access


I just tried this and it doesn’t seem to want to connect to the cameras. I can log in and see my 2 cameras, but once I click to view one, it just sits at (1/3).

Any suggestions?


Definitely need web acess to go along with this super camera. Great job. Thanks


A BIG THANKS to OMJ. Bluestacks worked fine for me.


+1 for desktop app please


would love a desktop app



Be aware there are concerns with bluestacks. I do not claim to understand all the concerns (some are obvious) but there are enough for me to not use. Especially since they have been around for years. I did a couple of quick searches, read some of the concerns… didn’t see one place where the company addressed any of them.

This is a post for Nox app player to block the unwanted stuff… https://www.reddit.com/r/soccerspirits/comments/74flks/configuring_nox_app_player_to_remove_adware/

I may try this one as a work around


Tiny Cam Pro in the Google play store allows you to view on your PC.There are posts in other threads that show how to do it.




+1 for pc app/web access