[PAUSED] Wyze Band Firmware Released - 4/29/20

UPDATE: We found a battery drain issue with this firmware and have decided to pause it while we locate the root cause. We apologize, everyone.

Hi, forum folks!

Wyze Band firmware version is starting a gradual release today! This has some bug fixes and paves the way for a couple of exciting features that will be available in the next app update: Daily Step Goals and Sedentary Reminders.

Learn more:


I was already get a stand up reminder, is this different?

There was no stand up reminder prior to this release.

Loaded update earlier today. Stumbled upon these 2 features. Set up Sedentary Reminder and it has hit me up 3x already. A good feature. Use at your own risk.
I also setup step goal. I think it defaults to 10000 and I left it there. Got the Goal Achieved screen quickly since I had already walked and exceeded that limit.
I am still determining if I want to wear a fitness watch since I have my phone almost always. The Sedentary Reminder is a plus for the watch.

So to be clear, this reminder is hardcoded to only 50 mins? As much as I’m excited about the sedentary reminders, if it’s hardcoded to a certain value and not customizable, many people won’t be able to use it due to schedule/work/etc. constraints. We’d very much like to be able to use it, but it has to be customizable to the reality of the frequency our lives allow, even if 50 is considered ideal.

my band says my firmware is up to date with are you really up to .43? if so why hasbn’t my band updated

The newer firmware is still Beta, so you will only see the new firmware if you are running the beta version of the app.

When I can snooze the alarm and decline a call from the band, I’ll switch to it, but for now, it’s back to the Pebble Time Round. I do love the Find My Phone feature!


Pebble legit! Wish they were able to continue…

so I am a beta user. isn’t beta?

I don’t think so no. What version of the Wyze App are you running? And which operating system, iOS or Android?

Pebble has continued via Rebble. Works well.

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camera 1 is using
pan camera is using
both are current

I meant the version of the Wyze App on your phone? Looks like this:

sorry 2.10.62
i hate these light screen colors- it makes it tough
to see

Ok, that is a production version. To get the Beta app you will need to use the link they provided you to download the app via TestFlight rather than the App Store.

There are instructions on how to install and use TestFlight here:

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Ohh! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,…

I loaded the update a few days ago. Did anyone notice huge battery use to load the update? I had used Band for 16 days before charging (down to <10%) and then charged, then loaded update, then a day later noticed I was down to about 35% from 100%!
I sent in a log but only later did it occur to me that perhaps the new firmware load ate up battery.
Anyone else?

I set up my band 3 days ago when it was @88% charge, and downloaded the latest update twice – once to get to the version before, then later to get to itself. I’ve played with my band a lot over the last 3 days, and my charge is now 45%. So I lost 43% in 3 days while doing quite a lot with it, and downloading the firmware twice. Not sure I have enough experience yet to say it will last 16 days, but those are my numbers.

Your 65% in a day seems quite excessive, hope they can help you resolve that.

BTW, the support pages say a charge should last 10-14 days under normal circumstances.