Pause in the Android app

I have a suggestion for the WYZE Player on an android phone. Fix the player so that you can pause at specific spots in the 12 second video streams and don’t restart play back until it is requested. Dang, it is frustrating when you can not pause at a specific playback spot. Maybe even add the option to slow motion the video would be nice also. Thanks.
Oh, I don’t know if this is an issue on any other platform, just android for me specifically a Samsung Galaxy S9.

Hello, I am also using Android, I am able to pause both the event videos and the SD card playback, are you having issues with pausing one of these or am I misunderstanding your request

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Are you tapping on the view so that the pause “icon” comes up in the middle of the clip? It’s different than playback of local storage, the pause and play control are in the middle of the video.


Android here as well.

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