Patio door locks

One item in home security that doesn’t seem to be available are Patio door locks with key pads, auto lock and unlock or connectivity to a system. The closest option I found is this; But they never got backing and it’s not enough to just have a key pad. Now keep in mind this doesn’t exist. No one makes a patio door lock with a key pad that reuses the latch lock mechanism. Since Wyze is getting into the home security world with doors locks, I think the patio door lock would set Wyze apart from all others and complete the security of a typical home. Let me know if you have any questions. I’m happy to clarify.

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Would be a nice addition to the lock format. There are dumb keypad versions available in addition to the example above. The dumb versions range from $100 to $300 from what I see on Amazon. Would be nice to see a smart version at a good price range.


I need to take it back off and paint the spacer plate now to white to match the door. I used the existing internal components from the original slider Lock and just put the metal rod inside the Wyze lock turning part. Worked like a charm… Now if I could just get the Wyze lock to with with Google home Assistant, then that would have made this perfect