Pan/rotating adapter for all other cameras. (New Product)

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I have a young child and in this work from home world even more than before I use the pan cam to check in on him as my fiance and I are in the basement working.
I would love to have the ability to pan my other cameras.
I believe because the rotating motor is built into the pan cam you could offer a rotating mounting base.
Even if it could only do horizontal panning it would give much flexibility.
In fact as an add on you could move it from cam to cam or buy one for each cam.

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It’s is an interesting idea. Why not just use the Wyze Cam Pans? Would this be used update existing cameras?
I don’t know if Wyze would do it because of the low price point on the Pan cameras, but still cool!

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First yes you are correct I have 3 other cameras before the pan.
But I think the more important business reason is the low cost of micro servo motors should make this an inexpensive but profitable accessory.
Additionally the newer product line such as the outdoor cam and the V3 are not offered yet in a pan version and I believe it is a better concept / option to put at least the horizontal pan in the base or mounting base rather than the camera housing. That offers a pan and possibly tilt version for the entire line.
The outdoor cameras when used in conjunction with pan /tilt options because a more powerful resource for motion detection and facial recognition in terms of security.
The line of products are awesome I am an early adopter of the outdoor cam but have been a very strong supporter of the products after picking up my first one at home depot. They are priced such that you can put multiple cameras so pan may not be as important to some.

But I think it takes an incredible product to the next level. Sorry for the book…

Thank you,
Scott Southern

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It would be a great option as the v3 is already rated for outdoor and would make the functionality just that much more versatile

I like the idea of having a v3 pan, with the additional spotlight it would be a sort of searchlight haha.